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Migratory Bird Advisory Board, 1934

Document focuses include changes to Migratory Bird Treaty Act, waterfowl conditions, and extent of hunting seasons. Additional focuses include homesteading issues on wildlife refuges and hunting practices, including baiting.

Fernald, Charles


Articles authored by Phoebe Finley: 1. "The chipmunks of Mt. Rainier"; 2. "Baxter's borrowed pup"; 3. "Gray-tail"; 4. "Pete's encounter with a porcupine"

Finley, Phoebe Katherine

Water ouzel or American dipper

Manuscript depicting a pair of water ouzels. Jack Horn from the United States Forest Service watched as one bird threw nest materials into the water, similar to how loggers toss in logs, making the transportation of materials easier. The author of...

Finley, William L. (William Lovell), 1876-1953

Sanctuaries for waterfowl

Manuscript that champions the idea of additional sanctuaries for birds and animals. The document mentions what efforts President Theodore Roosevelt made before retiring from office. The document also highlights a number of refuges in the United St...

Averill, Edgar F., 1881-1955

La Prath

Manuscript describing the activities of La Prath, a French-Canadian professional hunter. The author details the places, types of birds, and compensation.

Finley, William L. (William Lovell), 1876-1953

Loyal Order of Moose members?

Group portrait of unidentified men posing in two rows on the street next to a building. They are wearing matching southern-style cowboy clothing and may be members of the Loyal Order of Moose. Also see image Nos. 371N4891, 371N4894, 371N4897, 371N...

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