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Photographs of Vanport, Oregon, circa 1948

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  • 1942 - 1948

Photographs of Vanport, Oregon before and after the flood of 1948, including images of Dale Skovgaard and his family, who lived there at the time.

Skovgaard, Dale

Rescuing residents trapped in the Vanport flood

A group of men holding hands and a rope to form a human chain in waist-high flood water during the Vanport flood. They are attempting to rescue people trapped by rising flood water. Flooded cars and debris are visible in the water around them. Dale Skovgaard is identified as the man in the white cowboy hat. This photograph was originally taken by an Oregonian photographer (OrHi 25428).

Oregonian (Firm)

Herman Skovgaard

Herman Skovgaard outside his apartment in Vanport, Oregon. He is dressed in overalls with a hard hat and metal lunch box and is preparing to leave for work at the Swan Island Shipyards.

Skovgaard, Dale

Agnes Skovgaard after the Vanport Flood

Agnes Skovgaard sorting through personal items after residents were allowed back into Vanport, Oregon following the Vanport flood. Caption on the image reads, “My mother sorting through personal items after the flood to see if anything was worth saving. Very little.”

Skovgaard, Dale

Traffic escaping Vanport flood

A line of cars parked on Denver Avenue in Vanport, Oregon. The drivers abandoned their cars on the road and fled on foot after a traffic jam blocked their exits. Pedestrians are visible on the road attempting to escape the rising flood waters during the Vanport flood.

Skovgaard, Dale

Damage from the Vanport Flood

Unidentified people climbing over piles of debris left behind after the flood waters retreated during the Vanport flood. Several apartment buildings lifted from their foundations by the flood waters are visible in the wreckage.

Skovgaard, Dale

Agnes and Delores Skovgaard

Agnes and Delores Skovgaard standing behind a picket fence in front of their apartment in Vanport, Oregon. They are sorting through personal items after residents were allowed back into Vanport following the Vanport flood. The caption on the photograph reads, “My Mother, Netta and Sister, Delores, trying to sort out any savable items from apartment.”

Skovgaard, Dale

Vanport Photographs

Photographs of the aftermath of the flood that destroyed Vanport, Or. on May 30, 1948. The images depict the damage to buildings, bridges, roadways, and other structures in both Vanport and Portland, Or. Includes postcards and snapshots, as well as photographs taken by the Camera Art Studio of Portland, Or.

Camera Art Studio (Portland, Or.)

Flooded apartments during the Vanport flood

A postcard depicting damage caused by flood waters during the Vanport flood. In the image several apartment buildings which were lifted from their foundations by rising water are seen floating among debris. Several unidentified people are visible standing on rooftops, climbing on debris, and in boats. The image caption reads, "Flood destruction - Vanport, Ore. Christian V-10."

People viewing flood damage during the Vanport flood

A photograph of an unidentified group of people viewing the damage caused by the Vanport flood. In the distance people in boats and on rooftops are visible in the flood water. The back of the image is stamped with, "Camera Art Studio 4706 N. E. Glisan VE, 3866 Portland, 13, Oregon. 3810 15."

Camera Art Studio (Portland, Or.)

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