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Utility poles

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Utility poles

  • UF Poles, Utility
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Utility poles

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Snow-covered street

Photograph showing an unidentified snow-covered street in a residential area. The street makes a U-shaped curve going uphill. Utility poles, trees, and other plantings border the street in the center of the U. Houses are partially visible in the background. This photograph may be related to image Nos. 371N5866 and 371N5868. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Fire at Albina Shingle Company

Fire fighters spraying water on soldering debris after a fire at the Albina Shingle Company in Portland. A badly burned utility pole can be seen in front of the group. A photograph from this series was published in the Oregon Journal on Thursday, May 2, 1946 (negative 3 of 7).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Snow and ice in west Portland

People standing next to a fallen utility pole in west Portland, after a winter ice storm. The pole is leaning downward towards ice-coated trees. Two utility vehicles are parked in the snow on a road (negative 6 of 14).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Utility lines at corner of SW 7th and SW Washington

Photograph showing the corner of SW 7th Ave (Broadway) and SW Washington St. Utility poles and wires are visible throughout the image, and the Electric Building (621 SW Alder Street) can be seen in the background. The caption on the image reads “Corner of 7th and Washington before wires were placed underground, electric building in background.” (Image note: slight damage to bottom right corner of negative).

Pole derrick

Photograph of a pole derrick being used to hoist utility poles. Two men stand to the right of the derrick while looking at the camera, and a third can be seen next to a horse behind the poles. A railroad track runs along the side side of the frame.

Pole derrick

Photograph of a horse-drawn pole derrick with seated man. A hat sits next to the man, who looks at the camera. Railroad tracks cross the frame, and a wooden building can be seen in the background.

Silver thaw, Grand Avenue

Photograph showing a Grand Avenue with a layer of snow and ice. Damaged utility poles and electric lines can be seen on the ground near the center of the frame. A truck and a group of people are gathered around the damaged pole, with other people visible further down the street. Above, numerous overlapping electric lines can be seen.

Silver thaw, Grand Avenue

Photograph showing a Grand Avenue with a layer of snow and ice. Damaged utility poles and electric lines can be seen in the center of the street, as well as the right side of the frame next to a decorative railing. Buildings with advertisements can be seen to either side of the street.

Silver thaw on East 60th between East Stark and East Glisan Streets

Photograph taken from ground level showing damaged utility poles with snow and ice. In the background, on the left side of the frame, is a wooden building with “Drugs and Stationary” and “Tom Graham – Pharmacist” written on the side (now at 6031 Southeast Stark Street). Also visible is the Brubaker, Normandin, and Co. Mt. Tabor Store.

Silver thaw, East 80th Avenue and Foster

Photograph showing houses, utility poles, and electric lines with snow and ice. A tall wooden building with a windmill can be seen on the right side of the frame, with “Powers Furniture” painted on the side. A woman walks away from the camera in the street, and ice laden damaged electric lines are visible at either side.

Bull Run, Little Sandy Dam, tower

Photograph showing two men standing next to a utility pole tower with insulators visible at the top. One man is wearing a suit and bowlers hat, while the other wears a long jacket, a hat, with tall boots and a pipe. Written on the negative is “Tower. Bull Run. 2-26-12 (69).

Linemen working on utility pole

Photograph showing two linemen working at the top of a wooden utility pole, most likely in Portland. Both men have feet attached to the side of the pole, and appear to be wearing safety harnesses. Several ropes hang to the ground from the men. On the left side of the frame is a building, and the tops of cars can be seen at the bottom. On the negative is written "49-108."

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