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United States. Army--People

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Captain W. W. Crawford on horseback

Photograph of Captain W. W. Crawford mounted on a horse at the 1928 Pacific International Livestock Exposition in Portland. Crawford’s unit from Fort Lewis, Washington, performed drills at the exposition. A cropped version of this photograph, along with image Nos. 374N836 and 374N848, was published on Page 12 of the Oregon Journal on November 2, 1928. The photographs were published under the headline “Some of the Champions Here for Week.” This photograph had the following caption information: “Captain W. W. Crawford on ‘Bess,’ the officer and horse who command 60 horses and 60 men in the famous Black Horse Brigade, battery D, third field artillery of Fort Lewis, one of the chief exhibits of the horse show.” Also see image No. 374N0847.

Horse artillery unit from Fort Lewis, Washington

Photograph of unidentified United States Army soldiers from Fort Lewis, Washington, taken at the Pacific International Livestock Exposition in Portland in November 1928. Several of the soldiers are on horseback, while three others are riding on a horse-drawn artillery wagon. The number 6 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image. The soldiers’ unit, Battery D of the Third Field Artillery, performed drills at the livestock exposition. Also see image No. 374N0845.