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Truck full of horses arriving at livestock show

Photograph of horses in a truck and trailer arriving at the 1928 Pacific International Livestock Exposition in Portland. Two unidentified people and a dog are in the cab of the truck. The number 10 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image. A cropped version of this photograph, along with image Nos. 374N0836 and 374N0845, was published on Page 12 of the Oregon Journal on November 2, 1928. The photographs were published under the headline “Some of the Champions Here for Week.” This photograph had the following caption information: “Ruby Stock Farm animals to be entered in events for heavy harness classes, arriving at pavilion of Pacific International Livestock Exposition.”

Unidentified man fueling monoplane at Swan Island airport, Portland

Photograph showing an unidentified man standing on top of a monoplane and holding a fuel hose leading from a Signal tanker truck at right. A second unidentified man is standing next to the open rear doors of the truck and resting one hand on the hose. The photograph was taken at Swan Island airport in Portland. See related image Nos. 372A1311 and 372A1312. Image note: Light leak on negative.

Group of people watching as seaplane is loaded for Oregon Journal delivery

Photograph showing a group of people standing on a dock next to an Oregon Journal truck. The photograph was probably taken as the group watched as copies of the Journal are loaded onto a Curtiss seaplane in June 1920. The plane was being loaded for a trial run to Astoria and Seaside, where the Journal planned to deliver papers by seaplane throughout the summer of 1920. The Journal published a story about the new delivery service, headlined “Journal Arranges Airplane Delivery,” on the front page of its Sunday, June 13, 1920, edition. See related image Nos. 373G0540 and 373G0541.

Destroyed truck

Photograph, taken outdoors on the passenger side, of the wreckage of a truck. The text “x 11” is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the image.

Wooden bridge over river

Photograph of an unidentified wooden bridge across a river in a forested area. A pile of lumber is lying under the bridge on the right side of the image. The number 10 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the photograph. Image note: Photograph is out of focus.

Calavo Growers of California truck

Photograph showing a Calavo Growers of California delivery truck. On the side and front of the truck is the name Calavo. Also on the side of the truck is an illustration of an avocado and the text “The Aristocrat of Salad Fruits.”

Parrish building, Front and Washington, Portland

Photograph showing two trucks parked outside the three-story Parrish building at Front and Washington (now Southwest Washington Street) in Portland. On the ground floor are signs for the Western Fruit & Produce Company and the Tri-State Produce Company. A cropped version of this photograph was part of a two-page spread in the Oregon Journal’s Sunday magazine on February 26, 1928. The spread, on Pages 4 and 5, was devoted to a story by Wallace S. Wharton about the history of the Portland waterfront and the buildings on First and Front streets. Wharton reflected on the changes that would occur as a result of the construction, then in progress, of Portland’s west-side harbor wall and redevelopment of the waterfront. He noted that many of the “stately old buildings along First and Front streets face destruction, or remodeling to such an extent that the reminiscent charm of their present environment will be lost.” Accompanying the story were 15 photos, primarily of buildings in the area. Across the top of the spread was the headline “IN THE PATH OF CIVIC PROGRESS — STRUCTURES OF ANOTHER DAY.” Below the headline on Page 4 was the subheading “Splendid Bits of Old Architecture Once Called Equal of Finest in Gotham of the Same Period.” Below the headline on Page 5 was the subheading “Waterfront Development Gives New Significance to Portland’s Old-Time Business Center.” This photograph had the following caption: “Southwest corner Front & Washington streets. Site of the first post office [in Portland].” See related image Nos. 371N5379, 371N5380, 371N5384, 371N5385, 371N5418, 371N5470, and 371N5857, which were published on the same spread.

Norr, Roy

Two people loading RCA Victor radio into Vern L. Wenger Radio Service truck

Photograph showing two young men in white jackets loading a large box into the back of a Vern L. Wenger Radio Service truck. A third man is standing next to the truck, watching. On the side of the box are the words “Another RCA Victor Radio / Model 9-K / RCA Manufacturing Co. Inc. / Camden, New Jersey.” The number 2 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower left corner of the image. Vern L. Wenger was located in Portland.

Delivery trucks parked outside Western Packing Company, Portland

Photograph showing two delivery trucks parked outside the Western Packing Company in Portland. An unidentified man is standing next to the truck on the right. A sign at over the open doors of the loading area reads “Western Packing Co. / Fresh and cured meats.” A sign on the right side of the doors reads “Manufacturers of … High Grade Sausage / Luncheon Meats.”

Three men with Churn Maid Products Co. trucks on Southeast Union Avenue?, Portland

Photograph showing three Churn Maid Products Co. delivery trucks parked on the street. An unidentified man is standing next to each truck. On the buildings in the background are signs for Churn Maid; Dairy’s Supply Co. Inc., and Portland Stove & Furnace Repair Works. This photograph was probably taken in Portland in the 300 block of Southeast Union Avenue (now Southeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard). Image note: Light leak on negative.

Men and trucks outside Ballif Distributing Company, Southeast 2nd Avenue, Portland

Photograph showing unidentified men standing next to delivery trucks parked outside Ballif Distributing Co. facility on Southeast Second Avenue at Southeast Madison Street, Portland. On the building are signs reading (from left to right): “Mar-Vista Wines”; “Ballif Distributing Co.”; and “Schlitz and Old Milwaukee Beer.” See related image No. 372A1165.

Wadhams and Company, Southeast Third Avenue and Belmont, Portland

Photograph showing a warehouse at Southeast Third Avenue and Southeast Belmont Street in Portland. Trucks are parked outside three of the loading areas. On the side of each truck are the words “Wadhams wholesale grocers.” Above the entrance to the building is a sign reading “Wadhams & Co.” Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Four men with truck and boxes of beer at Columbia Beverage Company, Portland

Full-length portrait of four unidentified men standing on the sidewalk next to a delivery truck and stacked boxes of Horluck's Vienna-Style Beer. The photograph was taken outside the Columbia Beverage Company at Southeast 13th Avenue and Southeast Division Street in Portland.. The man at left is holding a box and is wearing an apron and a hat with the words “Columbia Beverage Co.” on the front. The other three men, wearing overcoats and suits, are standing in a row behind him. On the side of the truck are the words “Star Vaggi's Mixers” and “Columbia Beverage Co.”

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