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Apache County (Ariz.) 0
White Mountains (Ariz.) 8
Otero County (N.M.) 0
White Sands National Monument (N.M.) 1
Comanche County (Okla.) 0
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge (Okla.) 2
Wildwood Golf Course (Portland, Or.) 1
Willamette National Forest (Or.) 1
Wilson River (Or.) 4
Yokohama-shi (Japan) 1
York County (Pa.) 0
York (Pa.) 1
North Plains (Or.) 0
Three Fingered Jack (Or.)

Use for: Marion, Mount (Or.), Mount Marion (Or.)

Olallie Butte (Or.) 2
South Sister Volcano (Or.)

Use for: South Sister (Or.)

North Fork Reservoir (Clackamas County, Or.) 2
Camp Watson (Or.) 0
Alpine County (Calif.) 6
Cape Horn (Wash.) 14
Mendocino (Calif.) 1
Sierra Nevada (Calif. and Nev.)

Use for: Sierra Nevada Mountains (Calif. and Nev.)

Cascade Range

Use for: Cascade Mountains, Cascades (Mountains)

Columbia River

Use for: River of the West (B.C.-Or. and Wash.), West, River of the (B.C.-Or. and Wash.)

Yosemite Falls (Calif.)

Use for: Choolook (Calif.), Scho-tal-lo-wi (Calif.), Schoolook (Calif.)

Garibaldi (Or.) 0
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