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Yard ornaments 1
Yards 21
Yaw’s Top Notch (Portland, Or.) 21
Yellow warbler

Use for: American yellow warbler, Blue-eyed yellow warbler, Dendroica aestiva, Dendroica erithachorides, Dendroica petechia, Golden warbler, Mangrove warbler, Motacilla petechia, Summer warbler, Summer yellowbird, Titmouse, Yellow, Yellow poll, Yellow titmouse, Yellowbird

Yellow-headed blackbird

Use for: Icterus icterocephalus, Icterus xanthocephalus, Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus

Yellowstone National Park 58
Yellowthroat 17
Yellowthroats 6
Yosemite Valley (Calif.) 12
Young Men's Christian associations 3
Young Women's Christian Association of Greater Portland 1
Young adults 9

Use for: Clistoyucca, Samuela, Sarcoyucca, Yuca, Yucca plants, Yuccas

Zebra-tailed lizard 2
Zoning law 1
Zook, George Frederick, 1885-1951 2
Zoological specimens--Collection and preservation

Use for: Preservation of zoological specimens

Zoos 1
bird's-eye views 1
black-and-white negatives 109
black-and-white prints (photographs)
  • Photographic prints having images composed of gray tones, black, and white; may include one hue as a result of process, toning, discoloration, or the use of a colored support.
card photographs (photographs) 12
cartes-de-visite (card photographs)

Use for: card photographs (cartes-de-visite)

cellulose nitrate film 6892
cornstalks 1
correspondence 11
electrical equipment 29
engravings (prints) 4
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