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Western grebe

Use for: Aechmophorus occidentalis, Podiceps occidentalis

Warbling vireo

Use for: Eastern warbling vireo, Vireo gilvus, Vireo swainsonii, Vireosylva gilva, Vireosylva swainsonii, Western warbling vireo

Yellow warbler

Use for: American yellow warbler, Blue-eyed yellow warbler, Dendroica aestiva, Dendroica erithachorides, Dendroica petechia, Golden warbler, Mangrove warbler, Motacilla petechia, Summer warbler, Summer yellowbird, Titmouse, Yellow, Yellow poll, Yellow titmouse, Yellowbird

Swamp harrier

Use for: Allied harrier, Australasian harrier, Circus aeruginosus approximans, Circus approximans, Gould's harrier, Pacific marsh harrier, Swamp hawk, Swamphawk

Loggerhead shrike

Use for: Lanius ludovicianus

Long-billed curlew

Use for: Hen curlew, Numenius americanus, Numenius longirostris

Baseball 16
Baseball players 438
Sports 10
Hollywood Stars (Baseball team) 1
Pacific Coast League 16
Los Angeles Angels (Baseball team : 1901-1957) 0
Bridal Veil (Or.) 2
Rivers 224
Railroads 75
Waterfalls 44
Oregon Railway and Navigation Company 12
Bridges 69
Mountains 106
Gorges 5
Lakes 43
Indians of North America 12
Fishwheels 1
Canals 2
New Almaden (Calif.) 0
Siskiyou County (Calif.) 0
Skamania County (Wash.) 0
Mariposa County (Calif.) 0
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