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Oneonta Gorge (Or.) 1
Railroad tracks 98
Oregon Railway and Navigation Company

Use for: Oregon RR & Navigation Co., Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company, OR&N, O.R. & N. Company

Cascade Locks (Or.) 7
Central Pacific Railroad Company 0
Log cabins

Use for: Cabins, Log homes

Indians of North America--Oregon 5
Indians of North America--California 0
Indians of North America--Washington (State) 4
  • Prints made using the process of lithography, which is a planographic printing process in which a design is deposited on the stone or plate with a greasy substance which will accept ink.
Women--Suffrage--United States 0
Women's rights -- Northwest, Pacific -- 1880-1890 0
lantern slides
  • Transparent positive images made or mounted on glass for projection, usually but not necessarily photographic, measuring 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 by 4 inches for projection onto a screen by means of a specialized projector.
World War, 1914-1918--Economic aspects--United States 0
Springboards (Logging) 0
Timber 3
Logging 4
Card photographs 0
leaflets (printed works)
  • Small printed works consisting of one small-sized leaf of paper folded and not stitched or bound, containing printed matter, chiefly for gratuitous distribution.
War posters 1
political posters
  • Posters promoting election campaigns or other political publicity.
Referendum -- Oregon

Use for: Ballot initiatives, Ballot measures, Initiative and referendum, Initiatives, Ballot, Propositions (Referendum), Referenda, Referendums

fliers (printed matter)

Use for: flyers (printed matter)

  • Printed pieces such as notices or advertisements intended for distribution by hand or by mail. For those intended for posting, use
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