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Steel founding

Use for: Casting, Steel, Steel casting

Birthdays 2
Portland Community Chest (Portland, Or.) 4
Himes, George H., 1844-1940 3
National Society of Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America 2
Events 2
Fire fighting equipment 3
Prohibition 3
Radiography 1
Health care 1
Eugenics 3
Christmas cards 7
Scrip 2
Invitations 2
Advertising, Newspaper 3
black-and-white prints (photographs)
  • Photographic prints having images composed of gray tones, black, and white; may include one hue as a result of process, toning, discoloration, or the use of a colored support.
Welding 27
Columbia Steel Casting Co. Inc.

Use for: Columbia Steel Casting Company, Columbia Steel


Use for: card stereographs, stereoview, stereo cards, stereograms

  • Refers to the most popular and common form of stereoscopic photographs, which are double photographs of the same image taken from two slightly different perspectives. Stereographs are distinctive among other stereoscopic photographs because they are photographic prints mounted on cards, while other types could be daguerreotypes, negatives, or unmounted prints. From 1856 they were produced with twin-lens cameras, creating a three dimensional effect when viewed through a stereoscope. Stereographs were especially popular during the Victorian period.
Fisheries 4
Indians of North America--Fishing 0
Salmon fishing 6
Oregon Steam Navigation Company 21
Shipping 26
Fort Cascades (Wash.) 0
Blacksmiths 0
Indians of North America--Wars--1866-1895 (1) 0
Modoc War, 1872-1873

Use for: Lava Beds, War in the, 1872-1873, Modoc Indians--Wars, 1873

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