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Palmer, Joel, 1810-1881 291 0
Joseph (Nez Percé Chief), 1840-1904

Use for: Chief Joseph, 1840-1904, Heinmah-Tooya-latkekht, 1840-1904, Hin-mut-too-uah-lat-kekht, 1840-1904, Hinmaton-yalaktit, 1840-1904, Joseph, Young, 1840-1904, Thunder Rolling in the Mountains, 1840-1904, Young Chief Joseph, 1840-1904, Young Joseph, 1840-1904

22 0
Wood, Charles Erskine Scott, 1852-1944

Use for: Wood, C. E. S. (Charles Erskine Scott), 1852-1944

11 0
Wood, Erskine 0 0
Common nighthawk

Use for: Asseri nighthawk, Booming nighthawk, Bullbat, Cherrie's nighthawk, Chordeiles minor, Eastern nighthawk, Florida nighthawk, Howell's nighthawk, Mosquito hawk, Nighthawk, Common, Pacific nighthawk, Sennett's nighthawk, Western nighthawk

20 0
Forster's tern

Use for: Sterna forsteri

11 0
Cassin's vireo

Use for: Vireo cassinii

15 0
House finch

Use for: Carpodacus mexicanus, Mexican rosefinch, Rosefinch, Mexican

3 0
Birds--Eggs 282 0
White-faced ibis

Use for: Glossy ibis, White-faced, Plegadis chihi, White-faced glossy ibis

36 0
Birds--Nests 876 0

Use for: Junco, Juncoes

39 0
Dark-eyed junco

Use for: Junco hyemalis

34 0
Greater scaup

Use for: American scaup, Aythya marila, Black-head, Greater, Black-head duck, Greater, Bluebill, Broadbill (Duck), Greater black-head, Greater black-head duck, Greater scaup duck, Greater scaup sapsucker, Sapsucker, Greater scaup, Scaup, Greater, Scaup sapsucker, Greater

10 0
Ash-throated flycatcher

Use for: Myiarchus cinerascens

1 0
Swainson's hawk

Use for: Brown hawk, Buteo swainsoni, Buteo swainsonii, Buzzard, Swainson's, Sharp-winged hawk, Swainson's buzzard

2 0
House wren

Use for: Apache wren, Brown-throated wren, Cozumel wren, Jenny wren, Troglodytes aedon

15 0
Western scrub jay

Use for: Aphelocoma californica, Aphelocoma coerulescens californica, California jay, California scrub jay, Scrub jay, Western

12 0
Horned lark

Use for: Eremophila alpestris, Nearctic horned lark, North-east, North-east Nearctic horned lark, Northern American shore lark, Shore lark

0 0
Cackling goose

Use for: Aleutian cackling goose, Aleutian Canada goose, Aleutian goose, Baffin Canada goose, Branta canadensis hutchinsii, Branta canadensis leucopareia, Branta hutchinsii, Branta leucopareia, Canada goose, Aleutian, Canada goose, Baffin, Canada goose, Lesser, Canada goose, Richardson, Hutchins's cackling goose, Hutchins's goose, Lesser Canada goose, Richardson Canada goose, Richardson's cackling goose, Taverner's cackling goose, Tundra goose

3 0
Hyperion Water Treatment Facility (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Use for: HTP (Los Angeles, Calif.), Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plant (Los Angeles, Calif.), Hyperion Treatment Plant (Los Angeles, Calif.), Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant (Los Angeles, Calif.)

1 0
Anas carolinensis

Use for: American green-winged teal, Anas crecca carolinensis, Green-winged teal, Teal, Green-winged

0 0

Use for: Farming, Husbandry

164 0
American kestrel

Use for: Falco sparverius

10 0
Red-necked phalarope

Use for: Hyperborean phalarope, Lobipes lobatus, Northern phalarope, Phalaropus lobatus, Rednecked phalarope

2 0
Apache Indians

Use for: Diné Indians (Apache)

5 0

Use for: Apple trees, Malus

55 0

Use for: Antilopinae

39 0
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