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Man speaking into microphone

Photograph showing a suited man speaking into a microphone, while another group stands behind him. The second man from the left is wearing religious garb, and several players in baseball uniforms can be seen at the far right of the group. The image is taken at night. On the negative is written "49-105." (Image note: see likely related images PGE 49-104, PGE 49-112 and PGE 49-130).

Baseball players at night

Photograph taken at night showing a baseball field with players. Two large electric lights can be seen over the field, and spectators are visible to the sides. On the negative is written "49-112." (Image note: see likely related images PGE 49-104, PGE 49-105 and PGE 49-130).

Baseball players at night

Photograph showing two groups of baseball players, with another group of men standing in between. One man stands to the front of the group while holding a wired microphone, and another man is wearing religious garb. The photograph is taken at night, and unlit field lights can be seen in the frame. Written on the negative is "49-130." (Image note: see likely related images PGE 49-104, PGE 49-105 and PGE 49-112).

Matt? Covenz, hockey player for Portland Buckaroos

Portrait of a young man posing with a hockey stick on the sidewalk outside a building. He is wearing a Portland Buckaroos uniform, hockey gloves, and skates. A name that may be “Matt Covenz” is written on the negative; the first name is ambiguous. The writing is partially visible in the upper right corner of the image.

Bob Brown, lacrosse player

Portrait of a man holding a lacrosse stick and looking to the right. He is standing on what may be a rooftop or balcony and is wearing a jersey, protective gloves, shorts, and sneakers. The name “Bob Brown” and the number 15 are written on the negative and are faintly visible on the right side of the photograph. Image note: Photograph is out of focus.

Ralph Bufford

Close-up portrait of a smiling man with no shirt. He may be a boxer. The name “Ralph Bufford” is written on the negative and is visible on the left side of the image.

Lillian Blackman and Sophia Wehrly posing with field-hockey equipment

Photograph of two women posing with field-hockey sticks and a ball. They are wearing matching blouses, skirts, neckerchiefs, and shin guards. They are standing on the roof of what is likely the Portland YWCA building at Southwest Taylor and Broadway, which was demolished in 1959. The building in the background is the Jackson Tower, where the Oregon Journal offices were located from 1912 to 1948. A cropped version of this photograph was published on Page 10 of the Oregon Journal on April 24, 1927, under the headline "Sports Activities Varied." The photograph was one of two that accompanied a story titled “Y. W. C. A. Sports Program Planned” about spring athletics classes at the Portland YWCA.

Japanese Americans in detention center at Pacific International Livestock Exposition building

Photograph showing a group of people playing a game with a ball and net (volleyball?) at a detention center for Japanese Americans at the Pacific International Livestock Exposition building in Portland. The ball can be seen midair, above the net, which has been set up on an open area of wooden floor. Wooden beams and large windows can be seen above. After Executive Order 9066, the building served as a temporary detention center for Japanese Americans, From May through September of 1942, awaiting eventual transfer to more permanent incarceration centers (negative 12 of 15).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998