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Trap shooters?, holding guns

Portrait of two unidentified men outdoors, each holding a gun. Both are wearing sweaters, collared shirts, ties, and knickers. They may be trap or skeet shooters. The number 1 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image.

Trap shooters?, holding guns

Portrait of four unidentified men outdoors, each with a gun. All four men are wearing hats, collared shirts, ties, and sweaters; the man on the left is wearing trousers and the three men on the right are wearing knickers. The men may be trap or skeet shooters. A building is partially visible in the background.

Photograph of H. R. Everding

Photograph of a three-quarters portrait of a man facing front and holding a rifle. He is standing next to a car and is wearing a hat, a jacket, a collared shirt, a tie, and trousers. The name “Everding, Mr. H. R.” is written on the negative sleeve.

1903 Dayton Medal

Photograph of a medal featuring a hunting dog and an image of a person aiming a gun. The medal is inscribed with the following text: “1903 Dayton Medal / Sportsmans Association of the Northwest / Donated by the Rod & Gun Club of Dayton, Washington.”