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Lawn and gravel road or path

Photograph of a gravel road or path next to a lawn. Between the road and lawn is a strip of small, rounded rocks. A line that may be a tire track is visible on the grass. This image may be related to image No. 374N0479.

Angler fishing from rocks on the beach at Oceanlake, Oregon

Photograph, taken from behind, showing an unidentified man standing on a large rock on the beach at Oceanlake, Oregon, as he fishes in the surf. A cropped version of this photograph was part of a full page of photographs published in the Oregon Journal on August 11, 1935, under the headline “With The News Photographers.” This photograph had the following caption: “The lone fisherman on the rocks off Ocean Lake on the Oregon coast tries his luck in the surf as the sun drops toward the rim of the sea. Such scenes are familiar ones to the thousands of Oregonians and the visitors within their gates who annually spend vacation days or weeks ‘at the beach.’ (Photo by Ralph Vincent, Journal staff photographer.)”

Vincent, Ralph (Photographer)

Civilian Conservation Corps workers? moving large rock

Photograph, probably taken in May 1933, showing a group of unidentified men using a thick pole and other tools to move a large rock in a field. The men were probably Civilian Conservation Corps workers stationed at one of two CCC camps off the Mount Hood Loop Highway (now Highway 26): one located in Zigzag, Oregon, and one at Old Toll Gate, several miles away from Zigzag. Also see image Nos. 371N5969, 371N5970, 371N5971, 371N5972, 372A0751, 372A0752, 372A0753, 372A0754, 372A0755, 372A0756, 372A0757, 372A0758, 372A0759, 372A0760, 372A0761, 372A0762, and 372A0764.