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Bull Run, reservoir

Photograph of Bull Run reservoir showing dike and temporary falsework for construction of intake. A man in a long coat and hat stands on the dike looking forward. In the background, trees and buildings are visible.

Oak Grove project, Clockhouse at Big Bottom

Photograph showing a man standing next to a wooden “clockhouse” building with snow. He is wearing winter clothing, a hat, and is holding a rifle. Downhill from the building is the Clackamas river. Written on the negative is “Clockhouse at Big Bottom 12/15/20.” (Image note: see related image PGE 16-37.”

River Mill, suspension bridge

Photograph showing a suspension bridge over the Clackamas River in near the River Mill dam area. The bridge crosses between two tall cliff faces, beyond which the river can be seen around. Snow is on the ground throughout the image. Written on the negative is “Feb 3, ‘10, PES 2014.”

River Mill, right channel

Photograph showing the Clackamas River in the river Mill area, with numerous “islands” and cliffs. In the distance, a railroad track crossing a bridge is visible. Cut trees can be seen at the right side of the frame. Written on the negative is “#M56. 8-1910.”

Bull Run, Big Sandy dam construction

Photograph showing construction at the Big Sandy Dam (likely the Marmot Dam). Several men can be seen standing on the wooden structure at the center of the frame. In the background, a wooden bridge crosses the river, surrounded by trees. Written on the image is B.S-19.”

Bull Run, Big Sandy canal excavation

Photograph showing a man standing with construction debris during canal excavation for the Big Sandy Dam project (likely Marmot Dam). Large rock and pieces of wood can be seen throughout the image. In the background, other men can be seen next to a wooden wall. Written on the negative is “B.S.1.”

Bull Run, Big Sandy spillway

Photograph showing a temporary wooden dam at the Big Sandy Dam site (likely the Marmot Dam). Two workers stand on the wooden structure while looking upward at the camera. In the background, sandbags, woodpiles, and work tools can be seen. Written on the negative is “#33, Spillway in tempy dam at Big Sandy, Oct 21, ‘11.”

Bull Run, Little Sandy Dam construction

Photograph showing construction at the Little Sandy Dam. A wooden structure is visible at both sides of the flowing river, with men standing on top of the structure. In the background is a wooded hillside and small wooden structure. Written on the negative is “Progress L.S. Dam, Freshet Oct 3, 2911.” (Image note: edge of glass is broken, obscuring some text).

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