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  • Portraits in which two or more people are shown. Includes groups assembled through photomontage, combination printing techniques, or an artist's imagination.

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Group portraits

Group portraits

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Group portraits

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Men's Garden Club trip to Mount Adams

Photograph showing a people standing in a meadow area, with Mount Adams visible in the background. The group is gathered on a rocky outcrop, with trees and grass visible throughout the frame Snow and glaciers can be seen on the mountain (negative 1 of 11).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Portland Rose Festival Princesses at first meeting

Princesses for the 1952 Portland Rose Festival, meeting for the first time in front of the Skidmore Fountain downtown Portland. They sit in a line at the along the edge of the fountain, facing towards the camera. Decorative building facades can be seen in the background on S.W. 1st Avenue (negative 6 of 7).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

East Ankeny car barn

Photograph showing employees with street car in front of the East Ankeny car barn. Written on the building is “PRL & P Co.” (Portland Rail Light & Power Company). Several men sit on the roof of the train, while others line up in the windows and in front. A wooden water tower can be seen in the background. Photograph is a reproduction of a framed image (frame is clearly visible).

Night crew at Sellwood car barn

Photograph showing a night crew at the Sellwood car barn, with car #1093. The group is looking at the camera while standing in front of the train car. Two men stand on a step in the doorway, while others stand at ground level. All men are wearing work clothes, including either jackets or overalls.

Group with train car #1500

Photograph showing men and women with train car #1500. The train is on a hillside, and a small wooden platform is visible at the front. One man sits on the platform, while the others stand in a line behind him. A train conductor is visible on the right side of the train in a window. The women wear dresses and large hats.

Group portrait of day force, cable railway employees

Photograph showing the entire day force for the cable railway in 1893. Men in suits and uniforms stand in front of a cable car with “Alder, Fifth, Jefferson, and Fifteenth” written on the side. Behind the cable car is a decorative wooden garage building. Along the bottom of the photograph, a typed caption reads “Entire day force of cable railway employees in 1893. John Cox, J.G. Mann, Dick Gregory are in the crowd.”

Mt. Tabor waiting room at 69th Street

Group portrait showing men in front of a small wooden building. Several men sit or stand at ground level, while others are on a raised wooden porch. Some of the men are wearing uniforms. A caption reads “Mt. Tabor waiting room at 69th Street in 1892 – Andy Richmond, T. Frack, ‘Mike’ Brady, ‘Mike’ McNeary.’” At the bottom right of the photograph is written “Emery, Artist.” (Image note: negative is broken at lower right corner).


Photograph showing a large group of seated men next to a stage in a large open room. Most of the men look at the camera, while others can be seen standing in the background next to large windows.

Portland Electric Power Company, baseball team

Group portrait of men in baseball uniforms, with one man in a suit. The front row of men is seated, while the back row stands. In the background is a field and trees. A round sign in front of the seated row reads “Portland Electric Power Co. baseball” with a triangle logo and “Club” written in the middle.

Oak Grove project, trip to intake and Big Bottom

Photograph showing five men facing forward while standing in a line and holding a long wooden stick. Around the men is an area of knee-high foliage, and a wooden building in the background. (Image note: discoloration is visible at the top right corner of the negative. See related images PGE 16-131.1, PGE 16-131.2, PGE 16-131.4, PGE 16-131.5).

Oak Grove project, trip to intake and Big Bottom

Photograph showing five men standing in a group and facing forward, all looking at the camera. The man on the far right is holding a long wooden stick in his left hand. Around the group is knee high foliage, with a wooden building visible in the background. (Image note: discoloration is visible at top and right portions of the negative. See related images PGE 16-131.1, PGE 16-131.2, PGE 16-131.3, PGE 16-131.5)

Group Posing with Automobile

Photograph of a group of approximately 50 people standing in front of a house, to the right of an automobile. The group is made up of men, women, and children. The back of the automobile faces the camera. The driver is turned around in his seat to look at the camera. Stamp on the back for Beaver Engraving Co.

Portland General Electric Photograph Collection

  • Org. Lot 151
  • Collection
  • 1880 - 1965

Negatives documenting company activities, including electrical infrastructure, employees, power generation and distribution throughout Portland, the Willamette Valley and the Oregon Cascade Range. Additional general images include streetcars and trains, street lighting, power line installation, Rose Festival floats, office buildings, car barns and bridges. Of particular note are dam building projects at Bull Run and along the Clackamas River (1910-1930), and early electric stations in Oregon City at Willamette Falls.

Portland General Electric Company

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