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Henrietta Chase Failing

Photograph of Henrietta Chase Failing as a child, daughter of James F. Failing and Jane (Conner) Failing. She is smiling and looking towards her right.

Aune Studio (Portland, Or.)

Jane Johnson (Conner) Failing

Photograph of Jane (Conner) Failing, looking towards the right side of the frame. Her hair is pulled back, and a decorative neckline can be seen on her dress.

Flaglor Instantaneous Photographs (Firm)

Kate Whittlesey Failing

Photograph of Kate Whittlesey Failing, seated and holding a book while facing away from the camera. Long braids can be seen along her back.

Hyland (Photographer)

Caroline (Flanders) Couch with Caroline (Couch) Wilson and Mary Caroline (Wilson) Burns

Photograph showing Caroline Flanders Couch, her daughter, Caroline (Couch) Wilson, and grand-daughter Mary Caroline (Wilson) Burns. Georgina Burns is seated on her mother's lap. Note: photograph identifies middle woman as Clementine Lewis, but notes "should have been grandma Wilson."

Abell, Frank G., 1844-1910

Night crew at Sellwood car barn

Photograph showing a night crew at the Sellwood car barn, with car #1093. The group is looking at the camera while standing in front of the train car. Two men stand on a step in the doorway, while others stand at ground level. All men are wearing work clothes, including either jackets or overalls.

East Ankeny car barn

Photograph showing employees with street car in front of the East Ankeny car barn. Written on the building is “PRL & P Co.” (Portland Rail Light & Power Company). Several men sit on the roof of the train, while others line up in the windows and in front. A wooden water tower can be seen in the background. Photograph is a reproduction of a framed image (frame is clearly visible).

Group with train car #1500

Photograph showing men and women with train car #1500. The train is on a hillside, and a small wooden platform is visible at the front. One man sits on the platform, while the others stand in a line behind him. A train conductor is visible on the right side of the train in a window. The women wear dresses and large hats.

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