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Performing arts

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Performing arts

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Performing arts

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Troupe of performers, some holding instruments

Portrait of an unidentified group of performers on a stage. The group includes women and girls in matching dresses and several men wearing dark shirts and trousers. One man is holding an accordion and three others are holding stringed instruments. See related images No. 371N2822 and No. 371N2843.

Three young performers in costume

Portrait of three unidentified teenagers in costume, posing in front of a wall. In the center is a boy in a suit, turtleneck, and hat, holding a cigarette. On either side of him is a girl in a floor-length dress. The girls are standing with their hands on their hips and are looking back over their shoulders at the boy. The number 10 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image.

Four young people in costume, posing outdoors

Portrait of four unidentified people, possibly teenagers, standing in a row on a lawn. Each of them has one hand in the air and the other on one hip. They are wearing matching hats in the style of a mitre, loose white shirts, and calf-high shoe covers. Two of the four are wearing matching skirts, and the other two are wearing matching shorts.

People and piano on outdoor stage

Photograph showing unidentified people on an outdoor stage with stairs. Several people are gathered around a piano at the bottom of the stairs, including a man who is sitting at the piano and pointing at sheet music, and a woman who is sitting on top of the instrument. Several other people are standing or sitting on the stairs nearby.

Five performers on rooftop

Portrait of an unidentified man and four unidentified women posing on a rooftop. One woman is on the man’s shoulders and he is holding two of the women next to him, one in each arm. The fourth woman is lying on the rooftop between his feet. The people in the photo may be dancers or actors. Also see image No. 371N4965.