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Articles discussing duck and quail hunting in Mexico, North American Wildlife Conference, and visit to Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.

Oregon Journal (Firm)

Letter from Revilla Gigedo, the Viceroy of New Spain, to Valdés, 1791 April 9

Letter from Conde de Revilla Gigedo, the Viceroy of New Spain, to Antonio Valdés confirming that the Royal Order of 22 December relating to verification of the Atlantic Passage has been sent on to San Blas where Alessandro Malaspina is to meet José Bustamante. Updates on the expedition include their charting undiscovered islands; that eight out of the nine sailors who deserted have been found; and that Malaspina took a long time (58 days) to arrive in Acapulco from Realejo. The letter is signed by Revilla Gigedo and is dated 1791 April 9 from Mexico City.

Revillagigedo, Juan Vicente Güémez Pacheco de Padilla Horcasitas y Aguayo, conde de, 1740-1799

List of maps, paintings, journals, zoological, botanical and mineralogical collections collected by the Malaspina expedition, 1791 April 29

Letter from Alessandro Malaspina to Higgins confirming that the expedition left Valparaíso on 14 April and that all scientific operations have been concluded satisfactorily. The letter notes that their departure has been delayed so that the Pineda brothers and Haencke (more commonly spelled Haenke) can carry out mineralogical research in the mercury mine and so that new fishing methods can be tried. Dated 1790 April 27 from Puerto de Coquimbo.

Malaspina, Alessandro, 1754-1809