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Trucks With digital objects
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Station B, Oregon City Dam

Photograph taken from a high angle showing several men working with a truck and hoisting machine next to flowing water of the Willamette River. On the left side of the image, two men stand on a dock platform while one holds a wooden pole.

Utility truck

Photograph taken from a side angle, showing a Portland General Electric utility truck, with a man in the drivers seat. Attached to the back of the vehicle is a raised pulley system, possibly for use with utility poles. In the background, a forested hillside is visible (Image note: see related images PGE 49-31, PGE 49-32, PGE 49-54, and PGE 49-93).

Men pushing wooden utility pole

Photograph showing three men rolling a wooden utility pole along other pieces of wood. Behind the group, a man in a hat and thick gloves points with his left hand. A utility truck with "PGE" written on the drivers side door is parked, with the driver looking out the open window. On the negative is written "49-93." (Image note: see related images PGE 49-30, PGE 49-31, PGE 49-32, and PGE 49-54).

Man working with utility pole

Photograph showing a man in overalls working on a leaning wooden utility pole. He is facing towards the pole, and is holding the handle of a tool which is attached to the base of the wood, which is sitting above a hole. The pole appears to be connected to a pole utility truck visible on the left side of the frame. On the negative is written "50-429."

Pole truck with man on platform

Photograph taken from a side angle showing a pole truck with an attached platform holding a lineman. The man is looking up towards a utility pole to his right. At the base of the pole, a child holding a bicycle and facing towards the camera can be seen. Written on the negative is "50-473."

Wooden bridge over river

Photograph of an unidentified wooden bridge across a river in a forested area. A pile of lumber is lying under the bridge on the right side of the image. The number 10 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the photograph. Image note: Photograph is out of focus.

Tree trimming

Photograph taken from a side angle showing a man using an industrial monkey to reach tree limbs over a paved street. The monkey is mounted to a truck with a "PGE" logo painted on the drivers side door. Written on the negative is "50-487."

Underground derrick truck on street

Photograph showing a man standing on top of an pole derrick truck used for underground work. He is facing forward and looking at the camera with both hands on levers. Next to him is a metal arm attached to the truck, with a hook and pulley at the end. In the background is SW 5th Avenue, looking south towards SW Stark Street. The J.K. Gill Building can be seen on the left (corner of SW 5th Avenue and SW Stark Street), as well as the Yeon Building (522 SW 5th Avenue).

Three men with delivery trucks outside Rose City Brewing Co., NE Madrona Street, Portland

Full-length portrait of three unidentified men, each standing next to a delivery truck, outside the Rose City Brewing Company building at Northeast Madrona Street and Northeast Eighth Avenue in Portland. On the side of each truck are the words “BEAVER STATE BEER.” The number 2 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the image.

Carstens Packing Company, Front Street, Portland

Photograph, taken from across the street, showing a truck parked outside a three-story brick building on Front Street between Stark and Washington in downtown Portland. A sign on the front of the building reads “Carstens Packing Co.” A cropped version of this photograph was part of a two-page spread in the Oregon Journal’s Sunday magazine on February 26, 1928. The spread, on Pages 4 and 5, was devoted to a story by Wallace S. Wharton about the history of the Portland waterfront and the buildings on First and Front streets. Wharton reflected on the changes that would occur as a result of the construction, then in progress, of Portland’s west-side harbor wall and redevelopment of the waterfront. He noted that many of the “stately old buildings along First and Front streets face destruction, or remodeling to such an extent that the reminiscent charm of their present environment will be lost.” Accompanying the story were 15 photos, primarily of buildings in the area. Across the top of the spread was the headline “IN THE PATH OF CIVIC PROGRESS — STRUCTURES OF ANOTHER DAY.” Below the headline on Page 4 was the subheading “Splendid Bits of Old Architecture Once Called Equal of Finest in Gotham of the Same Period.” Below the headline on Page 5 was the subheading “Waterfront Development Gives New Significance to Portland’s Old-Time Business Center.” This photograph had the following caption: “Original home of Ladd & Tilton Bank on Front Street / The first two stories were Portland’s first brick building / Built in 1853.” Wharton reported that the third story had been added later. See related image Nos. 371N5380, 371N5384, 371N5385, 371N5397, 371N5418, 371N5470, and 371N5857, which were published on the same spread.

Norr, Roy

Oregon Journal truck

Photograph, taken from the side, showing an Oregon Journal truck parked on a gravel road. A large building is visible in the background. On the side of the truck are the words “The Journal / Afternoon - Sunday / Largest afternoon newspaper n the Pacific Northwest / Today’s news today.”

Three men with Churn Maid Products Co. trucks on Southeast Union Avenue?, Portland

Photograph showing three Churn Maid Products Co. delivery trucks parked on the street. An unidentified man is standing next to each truck. On the buildings in the background are signs for Churn Maid; Dairy’s Supply Co. Inc., and Portland Stove & Furnace Repair Works. This photograph was probably taken in Portland in the 300 block of Southeast Union Avenue (now Southeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard). Image note: Light leak on negative.

Portland Bottling Company, North Williams Avenue, Portland

Photograph showing a Portland Bottling Co. truck parked outside the company’s building at 1271 North Williams Avenue in Portland. Signs on the building read (from left): “For the 7 Hang Overs”; “Home of 7UP”; “Takes the Ouch out of Grouch”; “Portland Bottling Co.” Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Crane hoisting log onto truck

Photograph showing a crane hoisting a log onto a truck. Three unidentified workers are watching, two of them standing next to the truck and one sitting in the driver’s seat. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Destroyed truck

Photograph, taken outdoors on the passenger side, of the wreckage of a truck. The text “x 11” is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the image.

Calavo Growers of California truck

Photograph showing a Calavo Growers of California delivery truck. On the side and front of the truck is the name Calavo. Also on the side of the truck is an illustration of an avocado and the text “The Aristocrat of Salad Fruits.”

Portland General Electric utility truck

Photograph showing four men on the back of a "PGE" utility truck with a cherry picker basket. Another man stands in front of the truck looking upward. In the background is an industrial area, including a sign for "Centennial Flouring Mills Co." Written on the negative is "50-676." (Image note: location is at 1362 NW Naito Pkwy).

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