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Omer Bonney and horse at Portland Hunt club spring race meet

Omer Bonney stands next to his horse (Gold Dust) while holding a trophy, during the spring race meet for the Portland Hunt Club in Garden Home. He is standing on a dirt track in front of a fence, behind which is a field and more fences (negative 3 of 6).

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Tennis tournament winners

Two young women, wearing tennis outfits, stand together and hold small trophies, won during an unidentified tennis tournament. They are both smiling and looking downward at their hands (negative 12 of 15).

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Tennis tournament winner

Photograph showing a woman, wearing a tennis outfit, holding a trophy and bowl. She is standing in front of a raised platform, where feet can be seen on top (negative 4 of 15).

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Oregon Journal employee Bob Holley, with his prize chicken

Oregon Journal employee Bob Holley, kneeling next to a children which is holding a “First Prize” ribbon in its beak, from the Oregon Poultry & Pet Stock Association exhibition. Holley appears to be in a chicken coop, with other chickens visible in the background (negative 4 of 6).

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Skier Gretchen Fraser, with National Ski Association trophy

Skier Gretchen Fraser, standing behind a trophy from the National Ski Association, in the shape of a ski boot and binding. Engraved on the front of the trophy is “American Ski Trophy, Gretchen C. Fraser, Winner Gold Medal Olympic Games 1948, for her contribution to the sport of skiing, Season 1947-1948, By G.H. Bass & Co.” A photograph from this series was published in the Oregon Journal on Tuesday, October 5, 1948 (negative 3 of 5).

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Rider at Pacific International Livestock Exposition show, Portland

A woman, wearing riding clothes, takes a trophy being held be a child at the Pacific International Livestock Exposition show in Portland. The woman holds the reins of a horse in another hand while looking downward at the child. An audience can be seen seated in stands at the edge of the dirt arena (negative 7 of 12).

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Lai Kwan Wu and Edith Hsi, Vancouver Chrysanthemum show winners

Lai Kwan Wu (right) and Edith Hsi (left) hold a large chrysanthemum flower in a vase, affixed with a ribbon for the “Most Perfect Flower Exhibit” during the Vancouver Chrysanthemum show. Wu was a student at Marylhurst University and Hsi at Linfield College. Both women were members of the Chrysanthemum Study club, and wear patterned silk dressed. This photograph was published in the Oregon Journal on Sunday, October 30, 1949 (negative 1 of 4).

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Pendleton Round-Up winner Choate Webster

Choate Webster, winner of the 1950 Pendleton Round-Up, receiving a trophy from Queen Kathryn Lazinka. They both wear western hats while hold the large trophy between them (negative 5 of 17).

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Pietro Belluschi award from Equitable Savings Co.

Architect Pietro Belluschi receiving an award from the Equitable Savings Company, before becoming the Dean of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology school of architecture. Belluschi and another man hold a metal award between with, engraved with Belluschi's name (negative 2 of 2).

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Pendleton Round-Up, night show

An unidentified man receiving the “Oregon Journal Trophy” during the 1952 Pendleton Round-Up. The man shakes hands with another person while standing in front of the trophy, for “All-Around Cowboy Champion”, which features a sculpted man riding a bronc. Spectators can be seen in the background (negative 1 of 2).

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Tommy Felix with Humane Association award

A portrait of Tommy Felix, seated next to a dog, Fluff. Felix (9953 SE Ankeny Street), was awarded the metal after saving Fluff, who had fallen to the bottom of a well at S.E. 99th Avenue and Burnside Street. A similar photograph was published in the Oregon Journal on Thursday, April 23, 1953 (negative 2 of 3).

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Newberg Farmeroo parade

An unidentified woman (rodeo queen?) riding a horse during the Newberg Farmeroo parade. She is holding her horse to the side as she displays a trophy in one hand. A blanket hangs from the saddle. Photographs from this series were published in the Oregon Journal on Sunday, August 9, 1953 (negative 4 of 12).

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Dorothy Johnson, Miss Oregon 1955

Dorothy Johnson, Miss Oregon 1955, wearing a two-piece bathing suit. She is kneeling beside trophies in the living room of her house in Beaverton, Oregon (negative 1 of 12).

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Vandalism Damage to Girls Polytechnic High School

A woman stands next to a shattered glass case that was vandalized at the Girls Polytechnic High School in Portland, Oregon. Her face has a serious expression as she touches a damaged globe in the case. There are 3 trophies in the case and 1 has been knocked over. The caption on the negative sleeve reads, "Damage to Girls Polytechnic High School done by three 12-year-old boys" (negative 3 of 6).

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Meadowland Dairy Ayrshire Cattle Trophy

A woman holds a trophy as she stands between 2 cows. The cows stand in the foreground in front of a fence, while the woman stands behind the fence. The cow on the left is a bull with horns and it turns to look at the camera. The cow on the right does not turn its head. The caption on the negative sleeve reads, "Meadowland Dairy Ayrshires and Premier Breeding trophy from Western Washington fair at Puyallup" (negative 3 of 5).

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Football trophy

Photograph of a football trophy. The trophy consists of a figure of a player mounted on a base; the figure is holding a football and holding one arm out in a block. The plaque on the front of the base is blank. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Dr. R. W. Cahill, holding golf trophy

Portrait of a man in suit and tie, seated on a bench and holding a trophy. The words “American Legion Golf Trophy,” and “Portland Post” are visible on the trophy. The name “Dr R. W. Cahill” is written on the negative and is visible at the top of the photograph. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Unidentified man holding golf trophy?

Half-length portrait of an unidentified man looking down at a cup-shaped trophy he is holding. He is standing outside the Oregon Journal offices in Portland and is wearing glasses and a suit and tie. Inscribed on the trophy are words that may be “American Legion Golf Trophy.” See image No. 371N0397, in which the same trophy may be depicted. Image note: Light leak on negative.

1903 Dayton Medal

Photograph of a medal featuring a hunting dog and an image of a person aiming a gun. The medal is inscribed with the following text: “1903 Dayton Medal / Sportsmans Association of the Northwest / Donated by the Rod & Gun Club of Dayton, Washington.”

Photograph of Sam Jackson rodeo trophy

Photograph of a picture of a trophy. On the top of the trophy is a figure of a cowboy on a bucking horse. The cowboy’s rope trails down the front of the base, where it spells the words “Sam Jackson Trophy.” On the front of the base is an image of a mock Oregon Journal front page, with the text “WORLD’S CHAMPION COWBOY WINS BIG PENDLETON ROUND-UP TROPHY / WINNER RECEIVES HANDSOME AWARD FOR ARENA SKILL.” Charles Samuel (Sam) Jackson was the owner of the East Oregonian newspaper in Pendleton; he took over the Oregon Journal in 1902.

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