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Oregon Awards
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Production award pennants and U. S. flag flying at Albina Engine & Machine Works

Photograph showing a United States flag, a Navy “E” Award pennant (left), and an Army-Navy “E” Award pennant flying on a flagpole at the Albina Engine & Machine Works shipyard in Portland. The “E” awards were granted for outstanding wartime production efforts. The Navy “E” award was given until July 1942, and the combined Army-Navy “E” Award was given from July 1942 through August 1945. The Albina shipyard received the Army-Navy pennant with a star, shown in this photograph, in October 1942; a presentation ceremony was held on October 27, 1942. A star was given when award recipients maintained their performance record for six months after receiving the original award. Image note: The number 121 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner. The text “Albina shipbuilding / 10/30/42” is written on the negative sleeve. The exact date is unconfirmed. Photograph shows spots of discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Rabbit in front of award display, probably at Pacific International Livestock Exposition

Photograph showing a rabbit lying on a crate in front of a board decorated with prize ribbons. At the top of a board is a sign that reads: “These RIBBONS / Won by RABBITS belonging to … / La Velle CONNELL / VANCOUVER WASH. / Raised on TRIANGLE Feed.” The photograph was probably taken at the annual Pacific International Livestock Exposition in Portland.

Tex Rankin showing winnings from air race

Photograph showing pilot Tex Rankin holding up two checks, his winnings in an air race from New York to Los Angeles. Onlookers are visible in the background. The photograph was taken on September 22, 1928, after Rankin’s return to Portland. On September 23, 1928, the Oregon Journal published Page 3 story about Rankin’s return, headlined “Rankin and Jinx Cat Back Home; Everybody Glad.” In the story, the Journal reported that Rankin had placed fifth in the race. After arriving in Portland, the Journal reported, “he exhibited two checks--one for $500 as the fifth prize and the other for $25 as a prize given at the second control station of the flight.” See related image Nos. 371N5921, 371N5922, 371N5923, 371N6150, and 377N0032. Also see the following images related to Rankin's departure for the race: Nos. 371N2073, 371N5919, 371N5920, 371N6220, and 371N6222.

Portland Mayor Joseph K. Carson presenting plaque to Junior Chamber of Commerce representatives?

Photograph of Portland Joseph K. Carson (right) and two unidentified men in the mayor’s office at Portland City Hall. Carson is presenting a plaque to the man on the left as the man at center watches. At the top of the plaque are the words “An appreciation / Presented to the Portland Junior Chamber of Commerce.” The rest of the text on the plaque is blurred, but the fourth and fifth lines appear to refer to the chamber’s role in conducting “Pay Your Taxes Week.”

Unidentified man holding golf trophy?

Half-length portrait of an unidentified man looking down at a cup-shaped trophy he is holding. He is standing outside the Oregon Journal offices in Portland and is wearing glasses and a suit and tie. Inscribed on the trophy are words that may be “American Legion Golf Trophy.” See image No. 371N0397, in which the same trophy may be depicted. Image note: Light leak on negative.

T. E. McGraw and A. S. Butler receiving prizes from Portland Mayor Joseph K. Carson

Portrait of T. E. McGraw (left front), A. S. Butler (left rear), and Portland Mayor Joseph K. Carson with a 1937 Plymouth sedan in February 1937. Carson is handing the car keys to McGraw and a check to Butler. A sign on the car reads: “This car won by Mr. T. McGraw / Portland, Oregon / For submitting the best limerick in the Listerine cough drop limerick contest / Car delivered by W. W. Shipley Co.” Butler received $100 as the owner of Gloden's pharmacy in Portland, which sold the cough drops to McGraw.

Prize drawing at Portland Breakfast Club meeting

Photograph showing an an unidentified woman drawing a piece of paper from a bowl held by an unidentified man at a Portland Breakfast Club meeting. Chicken carcasses are hanging from a stand behind them. Above the stand is a partially visible sign with the text “Prizes presented thru the courtesy of Safeway stores!”

Velma Dick and Doris Lyndes, holding award plaques from Portland City Club

Three-quarters portrait of students Velma Dick and Doris Lyndes holding their award plaques from a Portland City Club contest. A cropped version of this photograph was published on Page 19 of the Oregon Journal on Friday, May 15, 1931, under the headline “Win Award.” The photograph had the following caption: “From left: Velma Devore Dick of Beaumont school and Doris Lyndes of Richmond school, who won first and second, respectively, in audition contest staged by the City club.” The photograph accompanied a story headlined “Club Host At Lunch to Pupils.” The story described the contest as follows: “The city club gave a radio broadcast program of four sections on the subject of mass transportation. The contesting pupils wrote continuities on the material thus presented. … The winning continuities will be presented over KTBR at 8:15 p.m. Monday.” Image note: The text “City Club Winner” is written on the negative and is visible on the left side of the image.

Tennis tournament winners

Two young women, wearing tennis outfits, stand together and hold small trophies, won during an unidentified tennis tournament. They are both smiling and looking downward at their hands (negative 12 of 15).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Tennis tournament winner

Photograph showing a woman, wearing a tennis outfit, holding a trophy and bowl. She is standing in front of a raised platform, where feet can be seen on top (negative 4 of 15).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Omer Bonney and horse at Portland Hunt club spring race meet

Omer Bonney stands next to his horse (Gold Dust) while holding a trophy, during the spring race meet for the Portland Hunt Club in Garden Home. He is standing on a dirt track in front of a fence, behind which is a field and more fences (negative 3 of 6).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Oregon Journal employee Bob Holley, with his prize chicken

Oregon Journal employee Bob Holley, kneeling next to a children which is holding a “First Prize” ribbon in its beak, from the Oregon Poultry & Pet Stock Association exhibition. Holley appears to be in a chicken coop, with other chickens visible in the background (negative 4 of 6).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Skier Gretchen Fraser, with National Ski Association trophy

Skier Gretchen Fraser, standing behind a trophy from the National Ski Association, in the shape of a ski boot and binding. Engraved on the front of the trophy is “American Ski Trophy, Gretchen C. Fraser, Winner Gold Medal Olympic Games 1948, for her contribution to the sport of skiing, Season 1947-1948, By G.H. Bass & Co.” A photograph from this series was published in the Oregon Journal on Tuesday, October 5, 1948 (negative 3 of 5).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Rider at Pacific International Livestock Exposition show, Portland

A woman, wearing riding clothes, takes a trophy being held be a child at the Pacific International Livestock Exposition show in Portland. The woman holds the reins of a horse in another hand while looking downward at the child. An audience can be seen seated in stands at the edge of the dirt arena (negative 7 of 12).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Pendleton Round-Up winner Choate Webster

Choate Webster, winner of the 1950 Pendleton Round-Up, receiving a trophy from Queen Kathryn Lazinka. They both wear western hats while hold the large trophy between them (negative 5 of 17).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Pietro Belluschi award from Equitable Savings Co.

Architect Pietro Belluschi receiving an award from the Equitable Savings Company, before becoming the Dean of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology school of architecture. Belluschi and another man hold a metal award between with, engraved with Belluschi's name (negative 2 of 2).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Pendleton Round-Up, night show

An unidentified man receiving the “Oregon Journal Trophy” during the 1952 Pendleton Round-Up. The man shakes hands with another person while standing in front of the trophy, for “All-Around Cowboy Champion”, which features a sculpted man riding a bronc. Spectators can be seen in the background (negative 1 of 2).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Tommy Felix with Humane Association award

A portrait of Tommy Felix, seated next to a dog, Fluff. Felix (9953 SE Ankeny Street), was awarded the metal after saving Fluff, who had fallen to the bottom of a well at S.E. 99th Avenue and Burnside Street. A similar photograph was published in the Oregon Journal on Thursday, April 23, 1953 (negative 2 of 3).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

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