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Oral history interview with Tim Bracy

This oral history interview with Tim Bracy was conducted by Judy Hartman on January 14, 1988. The interview was conducted as part of the Portland General Electric Centennial Oral History Series, which marked PGE's 100th anniversary and was used in the writing of the book "Electrifying Eden."

In this interview, Bracy discusses his career with Portland General Electric working as manager of Health and Safety Services. He talks about the culture of hydroelectric plant workers coming to work while injured or sick, the measures he took to ensure worker safety, and legislation regarding worker safety.

The audio recording ends prematurely. In an addendum to the transcript, Bracy provides his written recollections of what he discussed during the remainder of the interview. Bracy writes about changes in the policies and procedures of PGE's health and safety services during his career. He talks about company nurses, employee health insurance, and how the opening of the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant changed the company. He then describes his accomplishments; talks about working as security supervisor at Trojan; and discusses public opinion regarding Trojan.

Bracy, Tim (Timothy Ford), 1944-2014