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Multnomah County (Or.) Railroad tracks English
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Piedmont car barns at North Killingsworth Street and North Mississippi Avenue

Street view of Piedmont car barn building at North Killingsworth Street and North Mississippi Avenue, showing two individuals in suits standing in front. A packed dirt street runs in front of the building, with a white wooden building seen on the right side. Numerous wooden poles and power lines can be seen throughout the image, as well as a wooden water tower in the distance.

Observation train car

Photograph of a sightseeing car seen on a city street. On the car is written “Observation car ‘Seeing Portland’” and “Daily Washington and Fifth Streets.” On the right side of the image, a lighted sign for Hotel Del Majo can be seen.

Trolley and tracks with Sellwood car

Street scene with train and pedestrians. Signage on the train indicates “Sellwood” “East Moreland and Reed College” and a bridge appears in the background (potentially Hawthorne Bridge). Storefronts for business as hotels visible, such as “Hotel Wyoming” and “Palace Laundry”.

Eastwood Station

Photograph of Eastwood Station, Mt. Hood Division, Baseline Road. A train track crosses a road, with a small wooden building on the ride side with “Eastwood” sign. A vehicle can be seen in the distance driving towards the camera.

Oregon Electric Railway Train in Multnomah, Oregon

Photograph of an Oregon Electric Railway train passing through the community of Multnomah, Oregon. On the left, a girl sits on a bench outside a building with a sign that reads, "Postal Telegraph Office Cablegrams." A man stands on a crossing on the railroad tracks, looking away from the camera. Handwritten note on the back of the print reads, "Multnomah, Ore, 1914, OE Ry."

Railroad workers on Southeast Grand Avenue

Railroad workers gathered at a train track near SE Grand Avenue, and likely SE Division Street. The men appear to be working on the train tracks, next to a “Caution Men” sign over the roadway. In the distance is a raised bridge with a stone railing and street lights (SE Grand Avenue?). On the left side of the frame is a deteriorated industrial building (negative 9 of 15). Original sleeve title: Portland communities - Grand Avenue.

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Train wreck near Columbia Boulevard and Northeast 82nd Avenue

Photograph showing a derailed train, near Columbia Boulevard and Northeast 82nd Avenue in Portland. A light on a stand is set up next to the train tracks. Several men are standing near the tracks and looking towards the train debris (negative 6 of 15).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Flood water in Johnson Creek area, Portland

People with a boat next to a train track during a flood in the Johnson Creek area of Portland. A man with a suitcase can be seen sitting in the boat. A photograph from this series was published in the Oregon Journal on Wednesday, January 7, 1947 (negative 7 of 11).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

"O.9. Tooth Bridge and Eagle Creek Crossing, Cascades."

View of the Tooth Bridge, part of the Oregon Steam Navigation Co.'s Oregon Portage Railroad in the Columbia River Gorge. The bridge crosses Eagle Creek in the distance. The calm waters of the Columbia River Channel reflect surrounding trees. Loose duplicate plate in 5/2. This plate is part of Carlton Watkin's "Sun Sketches of Columbia River Scenery" album.

Watkins, Carleton E., 1829-1916

Train at Union Station, Portland

Photograph showing railroad tracks, the depot, and an oncoming train at Union Station in Portland. The Broadway Bridge is partially visible at right. The view is toward the northwest. The number 1999 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image. See related image No. 372A1196.

Verso of, “Residence of Jo.Bailey, Esq., O.R.R. Cascades.” (Stereograph 1295)

Duplicate of Stereograph 1295, on a different mount. Stereograph view of the home of Joseph Bailey, superintendent of the Oregon Steam Navigation Co.’s Oregon Portage Railroad and sawmill, at Eagle Creek in the Columbia River Gorge, 1867. The man in the black jacket, hat, and white shirt on the railroad bridge is Joseph Bailey. John Stevenson is sitting on the mule-drawn cart with another unidentified man.

Watkins, Carleton E., 1829-1916

“D.117. From Rooster Rock to Oneonta Falls. Bridal Veil Bluff, looking West.”

View of Bridal Veil Bluff covered in snow during the winter storm of 188401885. There is an unidentified many standing in front of a cabin in the foreground and a train in the background on the right half of the image. This plate is part of an album of Watkin’s New Series photographs originally owned by Charles H. Prescott, manager of the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Co.

Watkins, Carleton E., 1829-1916

Panoramic View of SP&S Engine Terminal and Yard, Portland, Oregon

Panoramic photograph consisting of 3 panels, showing the SP&S engine terminal and yard in Portland, Oregon. Three automobiles and a jeep are parked on a street in the foreground. The car in the center panel has a Spokane, Portland, and Seattle Railway logo on the door. The Portland West Hills are visible in the background.

First train to enter St. Johns

Photograph showing the first train to enter St. Johns in North Portland. Several men stand next to a train engine with one attached car. Around the train is wooden debris on the ground, with trees and a small building in the distance. (Image note: glass negative is cracked at upper left corner). The photograph is a reproduction of a pinned image (pins can be seen on the frame.

Train car #921

Photograph showing train car #921 of the Portland Railway Company, seen in front of a two-story wooden building. On the right side of the image, another car can be seen on a side street. The front and back of the car is open platform, with a covered area in the middle.

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