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Portland General Electric Photograph Collection United States
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Pole truck with man on platform

Photograph taken from a side angle showing a pole truck with an attached platform holding a lineman. The man is looking up towards a utility pole to his right. At the base of the pole, a child holding a bicycle and facing towards the camera can be seen. Written on the negative is "50-473."

Man moving utility pole

Photograph showing a man using a clawed tool to adjust the base of a wooden utility pole. He is facing towards the pole, and is slightly bent at the waist as he holds the handle of the tool. Behind him is an open area of grass and trees. Written on the negative is "50-484."

Tree trimming

Photograph taken from a side angle showing a man using an industrial monkey to reach tree limbs over a paved street. The monkey is mounted to a truck with a "PGE" logo painted on the drivers side door. Written on the negative is "50-487."

Two men with book

Photograph showing two men in suits facing the camera while looking towards one another. One is holding an open binder. The wall behind the men is adorned with decorative wallpaper. Written on the negative is "50-551."

Kitchen display in home

Photograph showing a kitchen display set up in a home. At the right side of the frame is an electric stove with a sign stating "4 Westinghouse Full-Sized Corox Units." Also visible is a Westinghouse refrigerator with "Get Colder Cold" written on the outside. Written on the negative is "50-575."

Living room display in a home

Photograph showing a living room display in a home. A woman wearing a skirt and apron is standing on the right side of the frame looking out a large glass window. Furniture is setup throughout the room, including two chairs, tables, and a corner lamp. Written on the negative is "50-576."

River bend at Cove Palisades State Park

Photograph taken from a high angle and looking downward at a river (likely the Deschutes River or the Crooked River) at Cove Palisades State Park. Part of the water is in shade, and unidentified wooden structures can be seen at the edge of the water. (Image note: see related image PGE 59-240-35).

Kendall Station

Photograph of Kendall station, Springwater Division, on 82nd Street. Viewed from between two railroad tracks, the small wooden station building with “Kendall” sign is next to a road and a large transmission line. The name “Geo. Smith Grocer” is written on the side of the larger building.

Gilbart Station

Photograph of Gilbart Station, Springwater Division, Bucklay Avenue. Taken at an intersection of two dirt roads, a railroad crossing can be seen across the road on the left. Two wooden houses are visible in the distance, as well as numerous electric lines.

Portrait of W. Traub

Full length portrait of W. Traub in uniform and hat. To the right of the photograph is written additional information, such as badge number, division and record. To the left additional information about another photographed individual can e seen (incomplete).

Portrait of Fred Cooper, Superintendent of Transportation

Photograph showing two portraits of Fred Cooper (Superintendent of Transportation of the Portland Rail Light and Power Company). On the left, is a portrait of Fred Cooper wearing a uniform, with a caption reading “Twenty years ago.” On the right, is another portrait also of Fred Cooper wearing a suit and tie with caption, “Today.”

Hillsboro office

Photograph showing the interior of the Hillsboro office for the Portland Electric Power Company (PEPCO). Several large appliances are displayed in the middle of the room, with a smaller display at the back. A counter and desk area can be seen in the background.

Station L

Photograph showing the exterior of Station L (now the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) with several buildings visible. Railroad tracks pass through the front of the frame, and water from the Willamette River can be seen in front of the main stone building.

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