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Portland General Electric Photograph Collection Clackamas County (Or.) English
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Oregon City paper mills

Photograph taken at a high vantage point, looking north, of paper mills in Oregon City, showing railroad tracks and the Willamette River. The Oregon City Bridge (Arch Bridge) can be seen in the distance crossing the river. Industrial buildings line the river on the opposite banks. Written on the top of a building is a large sign with “Crown Willamette Paper Company” and “Hawley Pulp and Paper Company.”

Estacada Park

Photograph showing a forested area with an arched “Estacada Park” sign. A fenced area can be seen in front of the sign, which is built on two pillars lined with rounded river rocks. A building is visible through the trees, and a flag pole with a United States flag can be seen.

Bull Run, reservoir

Photograph of Bull Run reservoir showing dike and temporary falsework for construction of intake. A man in a long coat and hat stands on the dike looking forward. In the background, trees and buildings are visible.

Bull Run, Little Sandy Dam, power plant exterior

Photograph showing the exterior to power plant buildings at the Little Sandy Dam, seen in a wooded setting. Two large buildings can be seen on a hillside, each with large windows. The building near the left side of the frame also includes transformer infrastructure on its roof. Written on the negative is “0356.”

Bull Run, Little Sandy Dam, generator and govenor

Photograph showing the interior of the powerhouse at the Little Sandy Dam, showing several generator units and a man standing near the center of the frame. Written on the side of the units if “Westinghouse.” Behind the generators, details of the industrial building can be seen. Written on the negative is “0352.”

Bull Run, Little Sandy Dam, powerhouse interior

Photograph taken from a high angle looking downward at the interior of the powerhouse at the Little Sandy Dam. Several generator units are visible, as well as a platform accessible via ladders. Several large windows can be seen on the far walls. On the side of the generator units is “Westinghouse.” Written on the negative is “0351.”

Bull Run, Little Sandy Dam, rooming house

Photograph of a rooming house building in the Little Sandy Dam area, with several people seated on a large porch while looking towards the camera. The building is two stories, with decorative points visible on the roof. Foliage and trees can be seen throughout the image. Written on the negative is “0-335.”

Bull Run, contractors camp

Photograph showing several temporary tent structures in a large field. Is the distance, another structure can be seen, in addition to trees and hills. (Image note: discoloration of the negative is visible at the center of the frame, in addition to a small damaged area also near the center).

Bull Run, Big Sandy tunnel construction

Photograph showing construction of the tunnel at the Big Sandy Dam (likely the Marmot Dam). A man stands next to a machine next to the tunnel entrance, which is emitting a large plume of steam. Wood and gravel is visible throughout the image. Written on the negative is “B.S. 48.”

Bull Run, Little Sandy Dam flume

Photograph looking downward at a wooden flume and railway track built on a hillside. The wooden structure continues into the distance, where more tree covered hillsides can be seen. In the bottom left corner of the frame, a man is looking at the camera and leaning against a cushioned seat, likely on a railway car. Written on the negative is “0-337, July-3-1912, Bull Run Flume.”

Oak Grove project, trip to intake and Big Bottom

Photograph showing four seated men in a automobile, taken on a trip to the Big Bottom area. In the background is a sort road and a hill made up of dirt and rocks. Written on the negative is “E301.09-O-170.” (Image note: small area of discoloration visible at the far right edge of the negative. See related images PGE 16-131.2, PGE 16-131.3, PGE 16-131.4, PGE 16-131.5).

Oak Grove project, first automobile at Davis Ranch

Photograph showing a group of forward facing people, taken next to an automobile. The automobile is facing to the side, and has open air seating. Tent cabins can be seen in the background. Written on the negative is “E301.09-O-235” and “R-12.” (Image note: significant discoloration can be seen along the right side of the negative).

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