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Oregon City (Or.)
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"Canemah and the Willamette Falls, Oregon. From former site of Linn City." (Mammoth 409)

View of Willamette Falls with the settlement of Canemah in the background. Taken from the west shore. Lower right imprint reads: "Taber Photo, San Francisco." OHS Collection includes 1 duplicate of this mammoth plate on a different mount, with the alternate title, "The Willamette Falls, Oregon."

Watkins, Carleton E., 1829-1916

Unidentified man on balcony overlooking Willamette Falls

Three-quarters portrait, taken from the side, of an unidentified man standing on a balcony overlooking Willamette Falls. He is facing right, looking toward the falls. He has a beard and mustache and is wearing a hat and overcoat. See related image Nos. 379G0002, 379G0003, 379G0004, 379G0005, 379G0006, 379G0008, 379G0009, 379G0010, 379G0011, 379G0012, and 379G0017.

Station B

Photograph of the exterior of Station B in Oregon City, with the flowing Willamette River in the foreground. Behind the brick building a hill with utility poles and three large tanks can be seen.

Station B

Photograph showing two men standing next to a 500V vertical railway generator at Station B in Oregon City. Both men are looking at the camera, and a stairway ladder between them leads to the top of the generator.

Station B

Photograph showing machinery wreckage at Station B in Oregon City. Pieces of machinery can be seen throughout the image, disconnected and broken from the main mechanism.

Station B, Oregon City Dam

Photograph looking across the water showing several large industrial buildings on the shore. On the left side is a pulp and paper company, and a white building with a large smokestack can be seen in the center of the frame. Along the shore are stacks of wood (possibly crates).

Station B, Oregon City Dam

Photograph taken from a high angle showing several men working with a truck and hoisting machine next to flowing water of the Willamette River. On the left side of the image, two men stand on a dock platform while one holds a wooden pole.

Station B

Photograph showing the armature of a TY-20 generator at Station B in Oregon City. Several pieces sit on the floor, leaning against the unit, and large wooden blocks can be seen at the base.

Oregon City street view

Photograph showing a street lines with electric signs, street lights, and electrical lines. Part of the image is blocked at the bottom, and several vehicles can be seen on the street. Signs for "Coleman"s Electrical Appliances," "Bill West Fountain," and "Roley Real Estate" can be seen. Written on the negative is "51-799."

Station A

Copy of Photograph, showing Station A at Willamette Falls in Oregon City. Multiple generators with large belts can be seen in a high ceiling room with wooden beams. Copy made April 16, 1915.

Oregon City paper mills

Photograph taken at a high vantage point, looking north, of paper mills in Oregon City, showing railroad tracks and the Willamette River. The Oregon City Bridge (Arch Bridge) can be seen in the distance crossing the river. Industrial buildings line the river on the opposite banks. Written on the top of a building is a large sign with “Crown Willamette Paper Company” and “Hawley Pulp and Paper Company.”

Umatilla tribal members performing at Oregon City Centennial

Performers in regalia at the Oregon City Centennial in 1948, from the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla, at Kelly field in Oregon City. An audience watches from covered bleachers. Photograph from this series were published in the Oregon Journal on Friday, August 13, 1948 (negative 11 of 19).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Clown at Oregon City Centennial

A person dressed as a clown at the Oregon City Centennial in 1948, standing in a makeshift vehicle with “Cy’s Tailspin Rig” painted across the side. He’s holding a corn cob pipe in his mouth (negative 12 of 19).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Shively Opera house auction, Oregon City

A sink at the Shively Opera house in Oregon City. Written on the wall above the sink is “Caution, Do not splash water on the floor”. A open electrical panel is on the wall to the left of the sink. Photographs from this series were published in the Oregon Journal on Thursday, August 26, 1954 (negative 8 of 12).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Salmon fishermen at Oregon City

Two men stand in a rowboat by the banks of the Willamette River near Willamette Falls. Several other men with fishing poles are visible on the rocks and in boats in the distance (negative 5 of 10).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Navigating a Canoe Through Willamette Falls Locks at Oregon City

Two young men sit in a canoe and paddle through a small opening of the Willamette Falls Locks on the Willamette River in Oregon City. The man who sits in front in the canoe wears a sweatshirt that reads, "Oregon." The canoe has the word "Willamette" written on the side. The caption on the negative sleeve reads, "University of Oregon students on canoe trip from Eugene to Portland - going through locks at Oregon City" (negative 4 of 8).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

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