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People at the Western Horse Show

Photograph showing automobiles and trailers parked along an open field area at the 1950 Western Horse Show. In the foreground, three men sit or lean against an open truck bed, while riders on horseback can be seen in the background. Also visible are large lights, utility poles and electric lines.

Oak grove project, party on Fish Creek slide

Photograph showing men riding horses along a hillside trail. One of the men looks back towards the camera, while the others face forward on their horses, heading away. The hillside is steep with look rocks and foliage. Written on the negative is “E301.09-O-40” and “44.” (Packtrain: Harman, Peck, Caldwell, Ransom.)

Pole derrick

Photograph of a horse-drawn pole derrick with seated man. A hat sits next to the man, who looks at the camera. Railroad tracks cross the frame, and a wooden building can be seen in the background.

Horse car line on Grand Avenue and East Morrison Street

Photograph showing horse cars on the corner of Grand Avenue and East Morrison Street in East Portland. A wooden building can be seen on the corner, with other building visible behind. Two horse-drawn street cars can be seen at either sides of the frame, and three other horse-drawn carts with riders are visible near the center. Several men stand at the entrance to the building on the corner, looking at the camera. The photograph is a reproduction of a pinned image (pins can be seen on the frame) with the caption “Horse car-line on Grand Ave and E. Morrison.” On the photo frame “Eastman, photo” is written.

Members of civil defense group on horseback at Multnomah Stadium, Portland?

Photograph showing members of a civil defense organization on horseback, possibly at Multnomah Stadium in Portland. They are in a line and the riders are saluting. The number 2650 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image. This photograph is probably related to image Nos. 372A0797, 372A0799, 372A0800, 372A0801, and 372A0802.

Children watching performer with ponies at Portland Breakfast Club Christmas party?

Photograph showing a crowd of people, many of them children, watching a costumed performer direct a pony wearing a decorative harness. A Christmas tree and a “Merry Christmas” sign are visible in the background. The photograph may have been taken during a Portland Breakfast Club Christmas event. Also see images that may be from the same or a similar event: Nos. 372A0122, 372A0248, 372A0394, 372A0700, 372A0701, 372A0702, 372A0703, 372A0705, and 372A0706.

Performers with Al G. Barnes Circus

Photograph of a costumed man standing next to a horse and a costumed woman standing on the horse’s back. A trailer with the words “Al. G. Barnes Circus” painted on the side is visible in the background. The circus performers are unidentified. The number 27 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image.

Circus performer on rearing horse

Photograph of a woman lying upside down on the back of a rearing horse. The woman, possibly a performer with the Al G. Barnes Circus, is unidentified. The number 6 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the image.

Rosalie Tashwick Kanine with horse and three unidentified boys at Pendleton Round-Up?

Full-length portrait of Rosalie Tashwick Kanine and three unidentified boys standing in a row with a horse, probably during the Pendleton Round-Up in Pendleton, Oregon. They are posing in front of a group of tipis. Kanine is wearing a fringed dress with beadwork and a beaded headband with a single feather at the back. The boys are wearing collared shirts; one is wearing trousers and the other two are wearing knickers. Cataloger’s note: Kanine and the probable context were identified by staff at the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

Two unidentified men with Percherons, probably at Pacific International Livestock Exposition

Full-length portrait of two unidentified men outside a building, each holding the halter or lead rope of a Percheron. The photograph was probably taken at the annual Pacific International Livestock Exposition in Portland. The text “Rubys [sic] Percherons” is written on the negative and is visible at the bottom of the image. See related image No. 375A0011.

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