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Murray, Lillie Cora Johnson

Lillie Cora Johnson, the daughter of Charles F. and Orle(a)na Johnson. Her father died when she was young, and her mother married George W. Murray. Lillie married John M. P. Chalmers in 1886 and resided in Portland, but they divorced between 1900 and 1914. She was the mother of Louise Chalmers (married Barton).

Newby, Sara Jane (McGary)

Sarah Jane McGary, born December 23, 1823, in Kentucky, who married William T. Newby in 1841 in Missouri, and started across the plains to Oregon in 1843. They settled in Yamhill County and obtained a donation land claim. William was an assessor in 1848 for the Provisional Government, and would be a state senator in 1870. They founded what would become McMinnville (named after Newby's home town in Tennessee), having built a grist mill in 1853 and a store in 1854. The town of McMinnville was platted in 1856. They had nine children. She died in Marion County on January 29, 1887.

Nesbit, William

Transcription from back: “William Nesbit. Pioneer 1852. Born New York 1815, From Iowa. Post office Salem. P. 91 – Pioneer Association ‘77”

Overbeck, Dr. Andrew B.

Andrew B. Overbeck, born about 1828, in Maryland. He married Sarah E. Wilhoit and was a physician in Jacksonville, Oregon. He died on May 23, 1872. They had three children: Henry (d. before 1870), Emma F., and Amelia E.

Britt, Peter, 1819-1905

Palmer, General Joel

Joel Palmer was born on October 4, 1810, in Ontario, Canada. After serving as a representative in the Indiana legislature, he traveled overland to Oregon in 1845 and married Sarah Ann Derbyshire, who had arrived that same year. Palmer became commissary-general of volunteer forces during the Cayuse Indian War. In 1853, he was appointed superintendent of Indian affairs for the Oregon Territory, a post he held until his removal in 1857 when opponents characterized his reservation policies as being too tolerant toward the Indians. He later served in the Oregon state legislature and ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1870. He made his home in Lafayette and Dayton, Oregon, and died June 9, 1881.

Parker, Inez Eugenia (Adams)

Inez Eugenia Adams, the eldest daughter of William Lysander and Frances Olivia (Goodell) Adams, and wife to Wilder W. Parker, of Astoria. She was born in about 1845 in Illinois and married Wilder in July of 1863 in Clatsop County.

Fagersteen, Gustavus A. F., 1829-1889

Parker, Wilder W.

Wilder W. Parker, born October 19, 1824, in Orange County, Vermont. He arrived in San Francisco in 1849 and began a series of enterprises, including a bakery and hotel, as well as a soda fountain, meanwhile getting elected to City Council. He eventually arrived in Oregon in 1852, having bought the Simpson steam sawmill at Astoria and ran that business to his profit until 1860, when he decided to retire. He was appointed Deputy Collector of Customs of the Port, working under W. L. Adams, whose eldest daughter, Inez, he married in 1863. They had no children of their own, but he was instrumental in establishing a free public school in Astoria. He was heavily involved in politics and served several terms in the Oregon Legislature. He died January 9, 1899, in Astoria.

Howland & Fagersteen (San Francisco, Cal.)

Parrish, Rebecca Shinn

Rebecca Shinn Parrish, born March 9, 1834, in Columbus, Ohio, to Edward Evans and Rebecca (Mapel) Parrish, who came to Oregon in 1844. Her father's diary notes that she was rolled over by their wagon on the Trail, and broke her leg. Rebecca married, first, Samuel Erastus May, in Marion County, Oregon, in 1852. They divorced, and she married James R. Robb. Her third husband was William M. Steele, and they had three children: Frank, George, and Ada. She became prominent in WCTU work, and died in Turner, on May 20, 1909.

Bradley & Rulofson

Parrish, Samuel B.

Samuel B. Parrish, son of Rev. Josiah L. and Elizabeth (Winn) Parrish, born February 25, 1838, in New York. They came to Oregon in 1840. In his early years, he worked in his father's book and stationery store in Portland, and was the Portland Chief of Police during the years 1886-90. He also worked as the Malheur Indian Agent for a time. He married Adda Hawley in 1885, and died in Portland on July 12, 1897.

Parsons, Henry George

Henry George Parsons, born in New York in about 1831, and who arrived in Oregon via the Plains in 1850. He married Mary Jane Mercer in King County, Washington Territory, in March 1857. By 1870, he had moved to Thurston County, Washington Territory, and was farming. They had six children in 1870: Flora Ann, Nancy Ellen, William M., Eliza A., Anna V., and Lela M. Henry died January 5, 1907, in Thurston County, and is buried in Ruddell Pioneer Cemetery in Lacey, Washington.

Paton, Lowry

Lowry Paton, born about 1873 in Minnesota, to Anna and James Paton. He was 19 years old when this portrait was made, in about 1891.

J. L. Skivseth (Photographer)

Payne, Evelyn Lucille

Evelyn Lucille Payne, (later Parry) as a young girl. She was born February 23, 1906, to Irvin R. and Minnie W. (Stuivenga) Payne. She married Glenn D. Parry in Lincoln County, on August 9, 1926, and lived in Toledo the remainder of her life. She died July 10, 1994.

Boyd, William F. (Seattle, Wash.)

Pearne, Ann P. (Root)

Ann P. Root, born about 1820, who married Rev. Thomas Hall Pearne in New York in 1841. They came to Oregon in 1851 as missionaries from New York, via the Isthmus of Panama. They adopted a son named George Maret Pearne, who died in Portland in 1880 of tuberculosis. Ann and Thomas had left Oregon in about 1866 for Ohio, where Ann died in 1874, of heart disease.

Pentland, Robert T.

Robert Thomas Pentland, who was born in Newcastle, England, in 1820, and came to Oregon in 1845. He first lived in Oregon City, working at a grist mill owned by George Abernethy. He became business partners with Abernethy and Leander Holmes, owning property at Willamette Falls, and started what was then the largest flouring mill in Oregon Territory. At this time, he also was in partnership with Stephen Coffin, owning an interest in the first Portland water works company. After several devastating setbacks to his businesses, he removed to The Dalles in the early 1860s and started two flouring mills there.
He had married Jane Law (Lax?) in England before coming to the United States. She died in 1875, and he married Eliza E. Reynolds the year afterwards. They had triplets in October of 1877, one son and two daughters. In 1878, Pentland purchased the flouring mill in Scio, Linn County, and the family settled there. He died in Marion County in 1915.

Peterson, Briggs R.

Briggs R. Peterson, who was born in Maine in October 1828 and went to California after learning the trade of ship joiner. He arrived in Portland in 1862, and was a mechanic, carpenter and volunteer firefighter. He was also an accomplished tenor soloist and traveled to Boise for concerts. Briggs and his wife, Jane, had Laura, Lillie, Jennie, Marsha, and Forest. Briggs died May 28, 1913, in Portland.

Plimpton, William Wright

William W. Plimpton, born September 10, 1854, in Columbia County, Oregon Territory, to Silas B. and Lydia (Wright) Plimpton. His siblings were Lelia (who died young), Ortley, and Sarah F. (Winterbotham). He married Alice Josephine Miller, of Portland, in 1878. William began his career as a clerk/bookkeeper, and then progressed toward printing. He was eventually on the State Printing Board. He and Alice were the parents of W. M. Plimpton and Ethel P. (Abbott). He died in Multnomah County on January 17, 1936.

Morse, George Daniels, 1835-

Pratt, Gertrude Sue

Gertrude Sue Pratt, niece of Warren Taylor, taken August 20, 1879. She was born October 6, 1876, to Irving W. and Sofia (Taylor) Pratt, in Portland. She married Carl P. Jensen in about 1928 and passed away on July 24, 1961. She was an active member of the Oregon Pioneer Association.

Abell, Frank G., 1844-1910

Price, Elizabeth Jane (Applegate) and George W.

Elizabeth Jane (or Jane E.)(Applegate) Price and son, George W., in 1867. She was the wife of Levi Nelson Price, of Benton County. They had another son, Wasco W., who lived from 1862 to 1865. Their daughter, Sarah M., was born in 1859, and they had another son, William J., born in about 1861. George is not present in the family census records, though he is clearly seen in this and the following two photographs.

Thompson & Paxton (Photographers)

Prince, Mary Slavin

Mary Frances Slavin, born November 25, 1853, the daughter of John and Emma (Ross) Slavin. She married Richard C. Prince on February 2, 1879, in Portland. She died in June 1936.

Dennie, Oliver (Photographer)

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