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Boy with dog and Christmas tree?

Full-length portrait, taken indoors, of a boy standing next to a small tree, possibly a Christmas tree that he is holding by the top. The boy is facing front and is wearing a hat, overcoat, and gloves. Next to him is a dog that is facing right and looking at a person who is partially visible at upper right.

Unidentified child on tricycle

Full-length portrait of an unidentified child on a tricycle with no pedals. The child is looking to the right and is wearing a sash. On the sash are the words “Community Chest.” Image note: Photograph quality is poor due to extensive deterioration of the negative.

Unidentified girl holding flowers

Full-length portrait of an unidentified girl standing outside a house, facing front, and looking slightly right. She is wearing a dress and holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand. A flowering cactus is leaning against the wall to the right of her. Image note: Damaged negative.

Two children in front of palm tree, three-quarters portrait

Three-quarters portrait of an unidentified boy and girl standing side by side in front of a palm tree and facing front. The boy is wearing a long-sleeved shirt and knickers; the girl is wearing a dress. Also see image Nos. 379G0073, 379G0082, 379G0176, 379G0177, and 379G0178, which may be related. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration and spots due to negative deterioration and damage.

Three unidentified children posing with toys

Full-length portrait of three unidentified children, two boys and a girl, posing on the sidewalk next to a building and facing front. The older boy and girl are standing on either side of a chair, and the younger boy is sitting in the chair and holding a stuffed toy. What may be a fur rug is draped over the chair; the head of the animal, with a tag attached, is lying on the chair next to the boy. The girl, at left, is holding a paper parasol, a doll, and an unidentified object. The boy at right is holding an object that may be a toy gun. This photograph appears to have been taken in the same location as image Nos. 374N0124, 374N0125, and 374N0126, and may be related to those images.

Easter portrait of Joan Adele Ringo holding rabbit

Full-length portrait of a girl sitting in a wicker chair surrounded by Easter lilies. She is looking right, toward a rabbit she is holding on the arm of the chair. A similar photograph, image No. 377N0038, was one of two published on the front page of the Oregon Journal on Sunday, April 8, 1928, under the headline “Mother Nature Joins Conspiracy to Make Easter Gladsome for Time for Children.” The photographs accompanied a story headlined “Fine Weather Forecast For Milady’s New Bonnet And Easter Day Services.” Also see image No. 377N0034.

Margaret Johns

Head and shoulders portrait, taken outdoors, of a seated girl wearing a raincoat and facing right. The name “Margaret Johns” is written on the negative and is visible on the right side of the image. See related image No. 371N1316.

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