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Finley, William L. (William Lovell), 1876-1953 Text
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Lower Klamath Lake, Tule Lake, and Clear Lake Refuges, 1917-1935

Correspondence, reports, and articles discussing the impact of agriculture and reclamation projects on the Lower Klamath, Tule Lake, and Clear Lake Refuges. Topics of focus include the impacts of grazing on bird refuges, construction of dikes and dams on the Klamath and Link Rivers, and possible reflooding of portions of the Lower Klamath Lake.

Finley, Irene

Correspondence, July 1910

Correspondence discussing possible lectures in the eastern United States, inclusion of William Finley’s article, “The Intelligence of Birds”, in Everybody’s Magazine, and a report created by Finley on the conditions of bird reservations in Arizona and New Mexico. Correspondence also discusses charges brought against Claude Hibbard, Game Warden of the Malheur Lake Reservation.

Sunset Magazine (Firm)

Correspondence, October 1910

Correspondence discussing William Finley’s lectures for farmers' institutes in California and the creation of a demonstration train exhibit. Correspondence also focuses on the illegal sale of bird plumes for hair decorations and an effort to gather support for L. Alva Lewis as the next Oregon State Game Warden. Additional topics include the increase of grebe nesting and game birds on the Lower Klamath Lake, a proposal to create bird reserves from lands owned by the University of California, and concerns about farmers’ complaints regarding the effects of birds on crops.

Cole, Leon J. (Leon Jacob), 1877-1948

Correspondence, November 1910

Correspondence discussing the demonstration train exhibit in California and position of Oregon State Game Warden. Additional topics include William Finley’s efforts to secure funding for the National Association of Audubon Societies and inclusion of Finley’s photographs in William Leon Dawson’s book, Birds of California.

Richardson, Guy

Correspondence, October 12, 1909

Letter from Henry H. Kimball, Secretary for the Massachusetts Fish and Game Protective Association, requesting a copy of William Finley’s lecture presented for the National Conservation Congress in Seattle, Washington, August 26-28, 1909.

Kimball, Henry H.

Correspondence, December 1910

Correspondence discussing William Finley’s efforts to gather support as a candidate for the position of Oregon State Game Warden. Additional topics include concerns about California legislation regarding the protection of birds, and Finley’s interest in an Oregon law permitting the establishment of game reserves on private property.

Correspondence, March 1911

Correspondence discussing William Finley’s appointment on the State Board of Fish and Game Commissioners and concerns about trappers shooting in a reserve near Burns, Oregon.

Palmer, T. S. (Theodore Sherman), 1868-1955

Correspondence, April 1911

Correspondence discussing the removal of Grover N. Jameson as Deputy Game Warden for Oregon and vacant wardenships for the Cold Springs and Malheur Lake Reservations in Oregon and Clear Lake Reservation in California.

Farnham, Mary Frances

Correspondence, May 1911

Correspondence discussing the vacant positions of Deputy Game Warden and game wardens for the Malheur Lake Reservation and territory around Burns, Oregon. Additional topics include William Finley’s work as part of the State Board of Fish and Game Commissioners, and the inclusion of bird study in Oregon school curriculum.

Farnham, Mary Frances

Brady Museum of Natural History

A handwritten manuscript from Stanley Jewett to William L. Finley. Jewett writes about a remarkable natural history museum on the Oregon coast. The author raves about the quality of the collection, spending most of the letter praising the preservation of rare species in form of adult specimens and eggs. Jewett ends the letter with advocating a move of the museum to Portland in order for nature teachers to be able to use it as a resource in education.

Jewett, Stanley G. (Stanley Gordon), 1885-

Migratory Bird Advisory Board, 1933

  1. Address given by W. C. Henderson, Associate Chief of the Bureau of Biological Survey, regarding the condition of waterfowl populations; 2. Directory listing individuals and groups responsible for wildlife conservation; 3. Correspondence discussing length of bird hunting seasons in Alaska and Migratory Bird Law changes

Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce

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