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Morgan, pointing gun

Three-quarters portrait of a man, possibly a police officer, pointing a gun with one hand and resting his other hand on his belt buckle. He is standing outside a building and is wearing a uniform and visor cap. The name “Morgan” is written on the negative and is visible at the bottom of the image.

Photograph of H. R. Everding

Photograph of a three-quarters portrait of a man facing front and holding a rifle. He is standing next to a car and is wearing a hat, a jacket, a collared shirt, a tie, and trousers. The name “Everding, Mr. H. R.” is written on the negative sleeve.

Deputy sheriff loading tear-gas gun

Three-quarters portrait, taken outdoors, of an unidentified man in a deputy sheriff’s uniform and a helmet. He is facing front and is loading a canister with the words “SHORT RANGE” on the side into a tear-gas gun. See related image Nos. 377N0535 and 377N0537.

Unidentified man carrying rifles

Full-length portrait of an unidentified man standing on a sidewalk outside a storefront and looking toward the front. He is holding several rifles in one hand, and is carrying several more over his opposite shoulder. He is wearing a hat and suit. Image note: Photograph quality is poor due to extensive deterioration of the negative.