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Electric substations

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Electric substations

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Electric substations

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Vancouver substation

Photograph showing a brick and wood building with two smokestacks. In front of the building is a dirt road, and several wheels can be seen on either side of the building. In the background are other buildings, utility poles, and electric lines. Written on the negative is “S324” and “July 1911 Vancouver Sub. Sta.”

Vancouver substation, moving

Photograph showing a cement building being moved via wooden dowels. The round wooden dowels are on top of other layers of cut wood. Several men stand around the building, and utility poles and electric lines can be seen along the left side of the image.

Vancouver substation, during construction, showing framework for first floor and new sub foundation

Photograph showing a construction area, with wooden flooring, a wooden tower, and a chute extending towards the center of the frame. Wooden buildings can be seen in the background and to the left of the construction area, and a labeled measuring stick is leaning against a building also near the center of the frame.

Cars in front of substation

Photograph showing people and cars in front of a fenced substation. Multiple men in suits and hats stand on the sidewalk in front of the metal fence, behind which several large pieces of electrical equipment can be seen. On the negative is written "49-102."

Electrical substation at Eliot School

Photograph looking northeast near the intersection of NE Knott Street and NE Rodney Avenue, showing an electrical substation building with electrical infrastructure. In the background, the Eliot School building is visible at the left side of the frame. On the negative is written "49-148."

Worker at substation

Photograph showing a man standing in front of a utility substation. The man is wearing overalls and a coat, and is looking down at a large piece of paper. Behind the individual, several large electrical units can be seen, as well as buildings and utility poles. In the foreground, a horizontal wooden utility pole can be seen. On the negative is written "49-34."

Unidentified substation

Photograph showing a substation, including "PGE" written on a round sign. Metal framework and utility lines can be seen behind a closed metal fence. On the negative is written "49-36." (Image note: likely same substation shown in PGE 49-34).

Men on metal structure

Photograph showing three men working on top of a metal frame structure (substation?) using ropes and ladders. In the background are two automobiles, one with a "PGE" logo painted on the side. In the distance, trees, an open field, and a wooden structure can be seen. On the negative is written "49-51."

Electric transformer

Photograph taken from a side angle, showing an electrical transformer, likely at an electrical substation. Several ceramic insulators can be seen at the top of the unit, as well as numerous attached electric lines. On the negative is written "49-73."

Man with lever

Photograph, taken from the side, showing a man looking upward while holding a metal lever. In the background, more electrical equipment and ceramic insulators can be seen. On the negative is written "49-86."

Men working at substation

Photograph looking upwards, showing three men working high in a metal framed structure, likely at an unidentified substation. One man is standing on a ladder, while two others can be seen to either side of him sitting on a horizontal brace. On the negative is written "49-90."

Portland General Electric Photograph Collection

  • Org. Lot 151
  • Collection
  • 1880 - 1965

Negatives documenting company activities, including electrical infrastructure, employees, power generation and distribution throughout Portland, the Willamette Valley and the Oregon Cascade Range. Additional general images include streetcars and trains, street lighting, power line installation, Rose Festival floats, office buildings, car barns and bridges. Of particular note are dam building projects at Bull Run and along the Clackamas River (1910-1930), and early electric stations in Oregon City at Willamette Falls.

Portland General Electric Company