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Beached Whale - Blow-Up - Florence, Oregon

16mm camera reversal original shot by Doug Brazil on location in Florence, OR on the occasion of a sperm whale being blown up by dynamite. Paul Linnman reports.
Shot List:
0:00:00 - Aerial view of beach shot from helicopter, several people stand around dead sperm whale on beach.
0:00:22 - Wide shot of whale on beach, beachgrass in the foreground.
0:00:41 - Three men in hard hats stand around body of dead sperm whale pointing. One is George Thornton, Oregon State Highway Division engineer. Shot pans to driftwood further up the beach.
0:00:58 - Close up shot of two men in hard hats.
0:01:05 - Men in hard hats walk around the body of dead sperm whale on the beach.
0:01:17 - Close up shot of George Thornton, Oregon State Highway Division engineer.
0:01:23 - Body of dead sperm whale on the beach.
0:01:25 - Seagulls fly above ocean waves, Shot pans down to whale carcass.
0:01:34 - Whale carcass on beach. No audio.
0:01:40 - Whale carcass on beach, shot pans up and zooms in to seagulls flying overhead.
0:01:56 - A group of people stand in front of whale carcass.
0:01:59 - A woman sits on a driftwood log with a pair of binoculars, she has a camera and tripod.
0:02:02 - A person standing on the beach.
0:02:06 - Four men wearing hardhats walk in a line down the beach, one is holding a blasting machine.
0:02:13 - Several people congregate around the whale carcass, men on a bulldozer drive towards it.
0:02:15 - A group of men approach a bulldozer.
0:02:22 - Close up shot of cardboard boxes of dynamite being stacked.
0:02:28 - Shot of nose of dead sperm whale.
0:02:30 - A bulldozer digs sand around whale carcass, two men in hard hats look on.
0:02:39 - Bulldozer digging sand around whale carcass, shot pans to stacks of dynamite boxes.
0:02:51 - A man packs sticks of dynamite into a box.
0:02:55 - Two men walk with a spool of wire up the beach. As they reach the top of the dunes camera pans to follow the wire down to the whale carcass. Where people are digging.
0:03:27 - Bulldozer digging around whale carcass.
0:03:42 - Man sets charges on dynamite, then walks towards stack of dynamite boxes.
0:03:54 - Close up shot of hands tying wire around a stick of dynamite.
0:03:59 - Close up shot of a pile of explosives in the bucket of a bulldozer. A man is sitting on the pile of boxes.
0:04:13 - Police officer walks up beach towards two onlookers sitting in the grass.
0:04:24 - Two people watching the scene from the beachgrass. One is holding a camera.
0:04:28 - A man sitting on a driftwood log drinks from a mug.
0:04:32 - Shot of whale from behind two people seated watching from a driftwood log.
0:04:40 - Shot of people watching from the dunes.
0:04:47 - Bulldozer and men working around dead whale.
0:05:04 - People watch from the dunes.
0:05:33 - Shot of dead whale.
0:05:39 - Close up of whale tail. Child pokes it with his foot.
0:05:48 - Shot of George Thornton, Oregon State Highway Division engineer, facing away from the camera in front of whale.
0:05:52 - Shot of an oldsmobile convertible with a collapsed roof, people survey the damage.
0:06:03 - A Bulldozer pushes remaining carcass of exploded whale.
0:06:05 - Paul Linnman and Doug Brazil stand with George Thornton.
0:06:08 - Closer shot of Bulldozer pushing remaining carcass of exploded whale.
0:06:13 - Shot pans up from bulldozer tracks to people following bulldozer moving towards dead whale.
0:06:19 - Shot of dead whale on beach, pans up towards flying birds.
0:06:29 - Paul Linnman interviews George Thornton.
0:06:40 - Man in hardhat carries box of explosive to whale carcass.
0:06:49 - Two people watching the scene from the beachgrass. One is holding a camera. Police officer walks towards them.
0:07:01 - Shot of grassy dunes, pans across beach.
0:07:11 - Shot from dunes at smoke in the air above the beach. Audio reaction from onlookers of explosion.
0:07:22 - A man leans over dead whale carcass. A child walks behind him holding his nose.
0:07:31 - A small crowd on the beach.
0:07:34 - Dead whale carcass.
0:07:40 - Shot of Paul Linnman and George Thornton talking. Camera is behind them, whale in the background.
0:07:43 - Men with shovels.
0:08:01 - Boy stands holding his nose.
0:08:04 - Close up shot of boxes of explosives. Followed by shot of men walking with blasting machine.
0:08:14 - Paul Linnman interviews George Thornton. Followed by shot of sea birds flying over waves, camera pans to whale.
0:08:37 - Distant shot of whale carcass on beach. Whale explodes. Audio of crowd reactions while chunks of whale fall.
0:09:03 - Shot of vehicles, car with crushed roof covered in broken glass.
0:09:19 - Bulldozer pushes remains of whale.
0:09:35 - Report from Paul Linnman.
0:09:54 - Reaction interviews cut with scenes of whale explosion.

KATU (Television station : Portland, Or.)