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DeAutremont, Roy

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DeAutremont, Roy

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DeAutremont, Roy

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Photographs of Ray DeAutremont and Roy DeAutremont, suspects in train holdup

Photograph of two photographs depicting twin brothers Roy and Ray DeAutremont. The picture on the left, of Roy DeAutremont, is a head and shoulders portrait of a young man facing front and wearing a hat, overcoat, collared shirt, and tie. The picture on the right, of Ray DeAutremont, is a three-quarters portrait of a young man standing next to a tree. He is wearing a hat and suit. Cropped versions of the photographs were published together on the front page of the Oregon Journal on October 22, 1923, under the headline “Sought as S. P. Suspects.” The photographs had the following caption: “De Autremont twins, Ray (above) and Roy, two of three brothers, whom U. S. government and Southern Pacific operatives are trying to capture on suspicion they took part in the Siskiyou tunnel holdup.” The photographs accompanied a story with the headline “S. P. Holdup Is Laid to 3 Brothers” and the subhead “Roy, Ray, and Hugh DeAutremont, former residents of Eugene, Aided by Fourth Man, Sought as Bandit Murderers.” The story, datelined Ashland, Oregon, reported the following: “Three brothers and a fourth man were named late Sunday by Dan O’Connell, chief special agent of the Southern Pacific, who is directing the manhunt, as the men suspected of dynamiting Southern Pacific train No. 13 in tunnel 13, 17 miles south of Ashland, on October 11, resulting in the death of four Southern Pacific trainmen.”