Clatsop County (Or.)



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Clatsop County (Or.)

BT Oregon

Clatsop County (Or.)

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Clatsop County (Or.)

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Clatsop County (Or.)

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Drum major, possibly in Astoria

Photograph of a drum major, probably from Portland Elks Lodge 142, standing next to a building with his hands resting on his baton. Two men in uniforms are standing nearby; the man on the left is wearing a Lodge 142 marching band uniform. The phot...

Men in parade, possibly in Astoria

Photograph of a group of parade marchers standing in the street on either side of a decorated rope attached to a large wheeled vehicle in the background. They are wearing matching hats and sleeveless shirts with a winged “U” emblem on the chest. T...

Parade, possibly in Astoria

Photograph of a costumed man on horseback and a Portland Elks Lodge 142 band marching in a parade, possibly in Astoria, Oregon. Spectators are lining the street. Also see image No. 371N4916. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deteri...

Parade float, possibly in Astoria

Photograph of two unidentified people on a parade float carrying what appears to be a pile of barrels. The float is draped with banners. Houses are visible in the background. The photograph may have been taken in Astoria, Oregon. Image note: Photo...

Car in parade, possibly in Astoria

Photograph of four unidentified people in a car, probably during a parade. The car is decorated with flowers and United States flags, and the two men in the front seats are wearing uniforms. Spectators are watching from the sidewalk. The photograp...

Wreckage of Peter Iredale

Photograph of the remains of the Peter Iredale, a four-masted ship that ran aground on Clatsop Spit in October 1906. The wreck, located in what is now Fort Stevens State Park, subsequently became a tourist attraction.

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