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Oak Grove project lower dam site at intake

Photograph showing three men on a steep hillside above the Clackamas River. One man sits towards the front of the group, while the other two behind are standing and looking towards the camera. At the base of the cliff is flowing water and logs. Written on the negative is “Lower Damsite at Intake, 5-4-20.”

Oak Grove project, group standing on pipe at lower portal of tunnel #2

Photograph showing a group of men standing on large pipes. The men at the right of the frame look towards the camera, and are wearing hats with suit vests or dress shirts. They are Clark, Franklin T. Griffith, Fuller, Caldwell, and Osborne. Four men can be seen on the left side of the frame with tools, leaning towards the pipe work. A tunnel entrance can be seen in the background.

Station B

Photograph of the exterior of Station B in Oregon City, with the flowing Willamette River in the foreground. Behind the brick building a hill with utility poles and three large tanks can be seen.

Station B

Photograph showing two men standing next to a 500V vertical railway generator at Station B in Oregon City. Both men are looking at the camera, and a stairway ladder between them leads to the top of the generator.

Station B

Photograph showing machinery wreckage at Station B in Oregon City. Pieces of machinery can be seen throughout the image, disconnected and broken from the main mechanism.

Station B, Oregon City Dam

Photograph looking across the water showing several large industrial buildings on the shore. On the left side is a pulp and paper company, and a white building with a large smokestack can be seen in the center of the frame. Along the shore are stacks of wood (possibly crates).

Station B, Oregon City Dam

Photograph taken from a high angle showing several men working with a truck and hoisting machine next to flowing water of the Willamette River. On the left side of the image, two men stand on a dock platform while one holds a wooden pole.

Station B

Photograph showing the armature of a TY-20 generator at Station B in Oregon City. Several pieces sit on the floor, leaning against the unit, and large wooden blocks can be seen at the base.

Cazadero Dam, unit #3

Photograph of generator unit #3 at Cazadero Dam/Station G, taken two months after the 1908 accident due to equipment malfunction. On the front of the unit “General Electric Company” is written. A man stands on the left side of the frame with one hand on a wheel.

Cazadero Dam, suspension bridge at powerhouse

Photograph taken from a side angle, looking across a suspension bridge at Cazadero Dam/Station G. The bridge leads to steps, which go to the top of the hill across the water. Several buildings and transmission poles can be seen at the top of the hill. On the left side of the frame, the edge of a brick building can be seen.

1888 Oregon City suspension bridge?

Photograph, taken from one end, showing a wooden suspension bridge, probably the 1888 bridge over the Willamette River between West Linn and Oregon City. That bridge was replaced with the current arch bridge in 1922. The text “Bridges - Clackamas County” is written on the negative sleeve. Image note: Light leak on negative.

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