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Crowd of girls in uniforms

Photograph showing a crowd of unidentified girls outdoors. They are wearing matching long-sleeved blouses and neckerchiefs. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Crowd of children at swimming pool

Photograph of a crowd of children in swimming suits next to an outdoor pool. In the background, swimmers are crowded on the deck along the edge of the pool. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Unidentified boy and dog on sled

Full-length portrait, taken from the side, of an unidentified boy seated on a sled and holding a dog in his lap. They are on a snow-covered road and are facing to the right. The boy is wearing a coat, gloves, trousers, and boots. Image note: Photo...

Children sledding on street

Photograph of unidentified children sledding down a residential street. In the background, a crowd of people is watching. Image note: Negative is damaged and shows discoloration due to deterioration. Light leak on negative.

Three men with boy on pony

Photograph of an unidentified boy sitting on a pony. Standing next to the pony are three unidentified men, all wearing suits and ties. Another boy is visible in the background, also standing next to the pony. The men at left and right are also pi...

Man and boy posing with their catch

Photograph of an unidentified man and boy posing with a dog, fishing gear, and a pile of fish arranged on a sheet of newspaper. The man and boy are kneeling on either side of the dog. Their catch and a fishing rod, net, and basket are lying in fro...

Four teenage golfers

Photograph of four unidentified teenage girls standing in a row near a building, possibly a clubhouse. The girl on the left is holding a bag of golf clubs. The girls at left, second from left, and right are also pictured in image No. 371N4675.

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