cellulose nitrate film



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cellulose nitrate film

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cellulose nitrate film

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cellulose nitrate film

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Oregon City paper mills

Photograph taken at a high vantage point, looking north, of paper mills in Oregon City, showing railroad tracks and the Willamette River. The Oregon City Bridge (Arch Bridge) can be seen in the distance crossing the river. Industrial buildings line the river on the opposite banks. Written on the top of a building is a large sign with “Crown Willamette Paper Company” and “Hawley Pulp and Paper Company.”

Mrs. Pearl Billings in jail after holdup at service station

Portrait of 18-year-old Pearl Billings sitting in a chair in her cell at the Clackamas County Jail in Oregon City on Saturday, February 21, 1931. According to a story published on the front page of the Oregon Journal that day, Billings was arrested after participating in a holdup with 22-year-old William Wheeler at the Robinwood service station near Lake Oswego on February 20, 1931. During the robbery, Wheeler was shot and killed by the service station’s proprietor, R. W. LaDue. According to the story, Billings told police Wheeler had kidnapped her and she had no knowledge of plans to hold up the service station until they were inside. A cropped version of this photograph and image No. 371N1454, showing Mr. and Mrs. LaDue, accompanied the story. The photographs were published under the headline "Bandit Victim 'Gets His Man.' " This photograph had the following caption: "Mrs. Pearl Billings, companion of the dead man. She went outside and started the car's engine for the proposed escape. Mrs. Billings fled from the scene but was captured by sheriff [E. T.] Mass of Clackamas county a short while later. She is held in the county jail at Oregon City." Image note: The name “Mrs Pearl Billings” and the number 18 in a circle are written on the negative and are visible on the right side of the image.

Hawley Pulp and Paper mill, Oregon City, Oregon

Photograph, taken from a high angle, showing the Hawley Pulp and Paper Company mill on the Willamette River in Oregon City, Oregon. The view is toward the southeast. Willamette Falls is partially visible at upper left. At right, on the opposite side of the river, is the Crown Willamette Paper company mill in West Linn. The number 4 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image. This photograph may be related to image No. 371N5709.

View of downtown Oregon City, Oregon

Photograph, taken from the bluff above the city, showing part of Oregon City, Oregon. At left are industrial buildings and stacks of lumber and other materials. At right are downtown Oregon City and the Oregon City Bridge over the Willamette River. The number 5 is written on the negative and is visible in the upper right corner of the image. This photograph may be related to image No. 371N5706.