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cellulose nitrate film

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Commander Louis J. Gulliver? and Marine guard aboard USS Constitution

Photograph showing a U. S. Navy officer saluting a Marine guard as they present arms aboard the frigate USS Constitution. The photograph may show the honors marking the return of the Constitution’s commanding officer, Commander Louis J. Gulliver, on August 11, 1933, after a 30-day leave. Gulliver’s return occurred during the Constitution and crew’s three-week visit to Portland as part of a national tour. A story about Gulliver’s return was published on Page 4 of the Oregon Journal on August 11, 1933. The story described the honors for Gulliver as follows: “The side honors accorded the captain consisted of mustering the marine guard, which presented arms as he came across the gangway between the line of four side-boys, who stood at salute while the chief boatswain’s mate blew a rail on his pipe. Lieutenant David W. Tolson, officer of the deck, gave the formal salute as the captain stepped on the deck.” Also see image Nos. 371N3713, 371N3718, and 371N3719.

Officers of USS Constitution presenting miniature cannon to Oregon Journal writer Wallace S. Wharton

Photograph showing (from left) Commander Louis J. Gulliver, commanding officer of the frigate USS Constitution; Wallace S. Wharton, a writer for the Oregon Journal; and Lieutenant Commander Henry Hartley, executive officer of the Constitution. They are standing in a row aboard the ship, and Gulliver is smiling and holding a tiny wooden cannon. The photograph was taken in August 1933, while the Constitution and crew were in Portland for three weeks as part of a national tour. A cropped version of this photograph was one of four that were published on Page 4 of the Oregon Journal on Sunday, August 20, 1933, under the headline “No Dull Moments on Deck of Old Frigate Constitution.” This photograph had the following caption: “Wallace S. Wharton (center), staff member of The Journal, receives miniature cannon from old timbers of ship in appreciation of articles written on frigate’s visit. Presentation is made by Commander Gulliver with Lieutenant Commander Hartley looking on approvingly.” Also see image Nos. 371N3717, 371N3724, and 371N3730, which were published with this photograph.

Commander Louis J. Gulliver greeting two unidentified men aboard USS Constitution?

Photograph showing a U. S. Navy officer greeting two unidentified men. The officer is probably Commander Louis J. Gulliver, commanding officer of the frigate USS Constitution, and the photograph was probably taken in Portland in August 1933, during a three-week visit by the ship and crew as part of a national tour.

Mayor Joseph K. Carson presenting plaque to Lieutenant Commander Henry Hartley aboard USS Constitution

Photograph showing Portland Mayor Joseph K. Carson holding a bronze plaque commemorating the visit of the frigate USS Constitution to Portland. The photograph was taken during a ceremony aboard the frigate on Thursday, August 10, 1933, in which Carson presented the plaque to the ship’s executive officer, Lieutenant Commander Henry Hartley (second from right). Several unidentified men are watching Carson; the man at left may be City Commissioner Earl Riley. A story about the presentation, headlined “City Presents Bronze Plaque to ‘Ironsides,’ ” was published in the Oregon Journal the day of the ceremony. See related image Nos. 371N3728 and 371N3729.

Presentation of Oregon state flag to crew of USS Constitution?

Photograph showing two unidentified women and four U. S. Navy officers standing in a row on a ship, holding a flag depicting a beaver. The photograph was probably taken on August 2, 1933, at a reception aboard the frigate USS Constitution after the ship arrived in Portland for a three-week visit as part of a national tour. In a front-page story on August 3, 1933, the Oregon Journal reported the following about the ceremony: “The outstanding feature of the reception was presentation of the official flag of Oregon to Commander [Henry] Hartley and the ship by the Daughters of 1812. Mrs. George H. Root, president, made the speech of presentation telling how glad the people of Portland were to have the privilege of visiting the great naval shrine and welcoming the officers and men. Miss Esther Allen Jobes, granddaughter of the founding president of the organization, presented the flag to the commander.” Also see image No. 371N0473.

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