Celilo Falls (Wash.)



45.64984, -120.97896 Map of Celilo Falls (Wash.)

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Celilo Falls (Wash.)

Celilo Falls (Wash.)

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Celilo Falls (Wash.)

  • UF Chutes (Wash. : Waterfall)
  • UF The Chutes (Wash. : Waterfall)

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Celilo Falls (Wash.)

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Celilo Village

View of Celilo Village with Celilo Falls and the Oregon Trunk Rail Bridge visible in the background. Other photographs from this series were published in the Oregon Journal on April 17, 1955 (negative 7 of 12).

Monner, Al (Alfred Anthony), 1909-1998

Viewing Celilo Falls, Columbia River

Photograph of a Native American person standing on a rock overlooking Celilo Falls on the Columbia River in the Columbia River Gorge. Large rapids flow past the rock and there is a cloud of mist above the water. The person wears a hat and their back is turned to the camera as they face the river. Taken looking towards the mountains on the Washington side of the river. Stamp at the bottom of the print indicates a 1907 copyright notice for Benjamin A. Gifford. Stamp on the back reads, "Photo Copyright R.I. Gifford."

Gifford, Benjamin A.