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Unidentified brick building

Photograph, taken from the street, showing an unidentified single-story brick building. The building is U-shaped with a paved courtyard in the center and a fence along one side, running the width of the building.

Car parked outside unidentified hotel or apartment building

Photograph, taken from the street, showing a two-story building, probably a hotel or apartment building, with a courtyard and a tile roof. Steps lead from the sidewalk to the courtyard and the entrance of the building. A sign that reads “VACANCY” is hanging on a railing outside the doorway at left. A car is parked in the street outside the building.

Unidentified two-story building

Photograph, taken from across the street, showing a two-story building, possibly a large house, with dormers and a chimney. Cars are parked on the street in front of the house. The number 8 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the image.

Dolp Home

Photograph showing the exterior of a large Victorian building. At least six vehicles are parked outside the building. In the background at left, above a shed or other structure near the building, is a sign that reads “VULCANIZING / Washing and Polishing.” The text “Dolp Home” is written on the negative and is faintly visible on the right side of the image. See related image No. 371N5885.

Buildings at Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Zigzag, Oregon

Photograph showing wooden buildings at the Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Zigzag, Oregon. This photograph, along with image No. 372A0755, was published on Page 2 of the Oregon Journal on May 27, 1933, under the headline “Here’s Where a Forest Army Will Live.” This photograph had the following caption: “Surrounded by great mountains covered with giant trees, a detachment of recruits in the civilian conservation corps built these buildings which will house the more than 200 members of the camp at Zig Zag in the Mount Hood National forest.” See related image Nos. 371N5969, 371N5971, 371N5972, 372A0751, 372A0752, 372A0753, 372A0754, 372A0755, 372A0756, 372A0757, 372A0758, 372A0759, 372A0760, 372A0761, 372A0762, 372A0763, and 372A0764.

Oregon City street view

Photograph showing a street lines with electric signs, street lights, and electrical lines. Part of the image is blocked at the bottom, and several vehicles can be seen on the street. Signs for "Coleman"s Electrical Appliances," "Bill West Fountain," and "Roley Real Estate" can be seen. Written on the negative is "51-799."

Building at golf course?

Photograph showing an unidentified three-story building, possibly at a golf course. The building has a dormer window, two chimneys, and a front porch. At right is a green with numbered markers. A second building is partially visible in the background, and a path leads between the buildings.

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