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Unidentified brick building

Photograph, taken from the street, showing an unidentified single-story brick building. The building is U-shaped with a paved courtyard in the center and a fence along one side, running the width of the building.

Unidentified three-story building

Photograph showing a three-story building with dormer windows surrounded by a large lawn. A straight driveway at left becomes a circular drive outside the entrance to the building. Image note: Photograph shows speckling due to deterioration of the...

Unidentified guards’ quarters

Photograph showing the exterior of an unidentified three-story building with a front porch. In the foreground is a walkway that leads to the front and side of the building. The text “Gards [sic] quarters” is written on the negative and is partiall...

Building at golf course?

Photograph showing an unidentified three-story building, possibly at a golf course. The building has a dormer window, two chimneys, and a front porch. At right is a green with numbered markers. A second building is partially visible in the backgro...

Dolp Home

Photograph showing the exterior of a large Victorian building. At least six vehicles are parked outside the building. In the background at left, above a shed or other structure near the building, is a sign that reads “VULCANIZING / Washing and Pol...

Unidentified two-story building

Photograph, taken from across the street, showing a two-story building, possibly a large house, with dormers and a chimney. Cars are parked on the street in front of the house. The number 8 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower ri...

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