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Buildings at Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Zigzag, Oregon

Photograph showing wooden buildings at the Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Zigzag, Oregon. This photograph, along with image No. 372A0755, was published on Page 2 of the Oregon Journal on May 27, 1933, under the headline “Here’s Where a Forest Army Will Live.” This photograph had the following caption: “Surrounded by great mountains covered with giant trees, a detachment of recruits in the civilian conservation corps built these buildings which will house the more than 200 members of the camp at Zig Zag in the Mount Hood National forest.” See related image Nos. 371N5969, 371N5971, 371N5972, 372A0751, 372A0752, 372A0753, 372A0754, 372A0755, 372A0756, 372A0757, 372A0758, 372A0759, 372A0760, 372A0761, 372A0762, 372A0763, and 372A0764.

Vancouver substation

Photograph showing a brick and wood building with two smokestacks. In front of the building is a dirt road, and several wheels can be seen on either side of the building. In the background are other buildings, utility poles, and electric lines. Written on the negative is “S324” and “July 1911 Vancouver Sub. Sta.”

Vancouver substation, moving

Photograph showing a cement building being moved via wooden dowels. The round wooden dowels are on top of other layers of cut wood. Several men stand around the building, and utility poles and electric lines can be seen along the left side of the image.

Vancouver substation, during construction, showing framework for first floor and new sub foundation

Photograph showing a construction area, with wooden flooring, a wooden tower, and a chute extending towards the center of the frame. Wooden buildings can be seen in the background and to the left of the construction area, and a labeled measuring stick is leaning against a building also near the center of the frame.

General car shops

Exterior photograph of brick building with multiple white doors. On the left is a paved street lined with power lines and poles, with two automobiles in the distance. An empty grass field is seen in front of the building doors.

Piedmont car barns

Street view of Piedmont car barn building, showing two individuals in suits standing in front. A packed dirt street runs in front of the building, with a white wooden building seen on the right side. Numerous wooden poles and power lines can be seen throughout the image, as well as a wooden water tower in the distance.

Horse car line on Grand Avenue and East Morrison Street

Photograph showing horse cars on the corner of Grand Avenue and East Morrison Street in East Portland. A wooden building can be seen on the corner, with other building visible behind. Two horse-drawn street cars can be seen at either sides of the frame, and three other horse-drawn carts with riders are visible near the center. Several men stand at the entrance to the building on the corner, looking at the camera. The photograph is a reproduction of a pinned image (pins can be seen on the frame) with the caption “Horse car-line on Grand Ave and E. Morrison.” On the photo frame “Eastman, photo” is written.

Train car #78

Photograph showing train car #78 for the Portland Consolidated Railway Company, seen in in front of several wooden houses on a residential street. Numerous tracks can be seen on the road in front of the car, and the attached electric lines are visible above. One half of the car is enclosed, while the other is open-air.

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