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The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens, no. 11

Raw news footage of the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

Description provided by broadcaster: “The big eruption - slide sequence campsite - windshield - mountain and fast sequence

Camera - Don Stapleton, logs and river from river bank. Man pulls fish from river.

Toutle River - Long shot of mountain erupting ash. Eerie picture. Toutle River - road block. Logs and bridge.

Toutle flood, mountain and landscape in foreground. News people and other aircraft. Sea of mud. Small building in mud….. flying down river. Logs and debris, wall of gunk, highway, wide shots of mountain. Logs moving.

Long shot-mountain still in picture. One and scarcely see that the ash is moving. Static shot of eruption.”

KATU (Television station : Portland, Or.)

The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens, no. 12

Raw news footage of the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

Description provided by broadcaster: “Long-shot of mountain erupting. Static.

More eruption. Aerials wide to close. Pictures of ash and surrounding area.

Close pictures of eruption.

House floating down Toutle River. Hits bridge, incredible footage.

Mt. St. Helens vs. Trojan nuclear plant. Aerials of Mt. St. Helens. Trojan in background.

Muddied water near Trojan.

River mud and debris. Spectators.

More muddy water. Spectators.

Log flow. Wide shot of mountain. Fred Jenkins gives report on eruption in studio with geologist.

Bridges, N. Toutle flooding. No logs.

Logs flowing with river.

News conference with volcanologist/geologist. Crowd shot...wide.”

KATU (Television station : Portland, Or.)

The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens, no. 13

Raw news footage of the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

Description provided by broadcaster: “Wide shot of mountain erupting. Spectators, close shot of eruption.
David Jackson live remote. Close eruption. Lightning, still of same. More mountain eruption. Another lightning freeze frame. More lightning.

FROM KOMO IN SEATTLE, DAVID CROCKETT FILM. Mountain erupts, pictures of valley, erupting mountain. Mud river. Shaking trees, pictures of his news car. Ash coming in, mud near car. Wind and mountain erupting in background.

Road washed out, hot mud and water.

David Crockett speaks. Aerials of his car. His rescue? River of mud.

Life Flyte Helicopter. Volcano Victims. (Not Crockett). Emmanuel Hospital, burn victims.”

KATU (Television station : Portland, Or.)

The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens, no. 14

Raw news footage of the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

Description provided by broadcaster: “Aerials of Mountain. Eerie steam cloud. Interview with geologist. He tells us about the situation in the volcano and what problems to expect. Tim Storrs and geologist discuss the mountain and how much of it is missing while camera runs on views of Mt. St. Helens.

Toutle River and Camp Baker. Aerials of Camp Baker and Toutle River valley. Long shots of valley and surrounding area. Pictures of hills, etc. Back to Camp Baker. Shots of logs, machinery, and mud. Debris everywhere. Toutle - mud- river. More Camp Baker. Helicopter lands. More mud and landscape surrounding river. Bridge washed out. Wide views, dusty hills.

Clear shot of mountain erupting. Side of mountain. Plume and wide shot. Valleys and ash clouds. Wide to close of mountain and ash.

Many views of mountain erupting.”

KATU (Television station : Portland, Or.)

The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens, no. 15

Description provided by broadcaster: “Open: Special report. Essex Porter reports. Interview with Bob Christenson, USGS (U.S. Geological Survey). Jim Unterwagner, U.S. Forests Service, talks of blow-down area. Wide shot - aerials of mountain. Toutle River, wall of water, homes destroyed. People on foot. River high. Helicopters, train.

Bill Van Amburg reports on air rescue efforts. People with dog had been on Green River. Third wall of water, moving down trees, scene of home down-river.

Camp Baker. Tim Storrs, first flash flood, wall of logs. Railroad bridge out. Flowing logs.

Yakima - Cascade Middle School as emergency center and Red Cross. Judy Varner - left her husband.

Yakima ash, dark streets, airport. Bud Graves, National Weather Service. Describes weather problems.

More pictures of mountain.

Paul Hanson on flash flood warnings. Pictures of river and spectators. Ed Sonters family, eyewitness David Klein. Muddied area. Interview with man from Cmp Baker. Truck covered with ash.

Men burned, taken to Emmanuel Hospital to burn center.

Weather and Mt. St. Helens. Missing geologists.

Harry Truman, Mt. St. Helens.”

KATU (Television station : Portland, Or.)

The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens, no. 16

Description provided by broadcaster: “News program from 5/18 continued.

Harry Truman tribute.

Recap of today’s events. Mountain, Toutle River, trees falling, Yakima ash, burn victims, Merwin Dam.
David Jackson live at Amboy, Washington.

ABC National News, Tom Jarrel. Infra-red satellite pictures, Yakima. Harry Truman. Blown down area.

Lots and lots of surrounding area.

Toutle River. Incredible video of logs and river. Logs and logs from downed trees.”

KATU (Television station : Portland, Or.)

The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens, no. 19

The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens program.

Scene description provided by broadcaster: “Wide of Spirit Lake, summer and winter. Skiers, winter activity on Mt. St. Helens. Wide shot of summit.
Eruption in action. "Mt. St. Helens blew its top." Pictures of denuded surface.
Muddy river, damaged homes near river. Logs in river.
Landscape with perfect snow-covered mountain in background.
Geologist gives history of mountain. “A spasm of destruction." Mt. St. Helens subject of Indian legend. Wide shot of Spirit Lake before eruption.
Harry Truman interviewed by Robin Anderson.
More history: last eruption in 1857.
Earthquakes on mountain for one week in March. Pictures of police warning residents to leave. "Swarms of earth-quakes”, between March 20 and March 27. Explosions follow. Crater enlarged. Second crater appears.
Pictures of cracks in surface. View into crater. Ash and steam billowing.
Eruption. Ash and cloud build-up.
Harmonic tremor, molten rock.
Pictures of spectators, cars on roadside.
Harry Truman's reaction: He's going to stay.
Beautiful shot of mountain in sun. View into crater-good shot. Mountain is peaceful.
Sheriff allows residents to go to their property. Interviews with people preparing to leave area. Pictures of car caravans.
Harry Truman remains at Spirit Lake. Good close-up of Harry, also shots of Spirit Lake with lodge and trees covered with snow. Harry states that he is going along with mountain.
Explosion rips north face of mountain. Mountain top disintegrates...1200 feet blown off top.
Full shot of huge cloud of ash. Volcano at distance, full force, awesome. Ash building into sky. Close-in shot of newly created top, pan of mountain in distance.
Shock wave, hurricane winds. Lightning, gas, ash smothering surroundings -Harry Truman, Spirit Lake, forest.
Ash billowing 9-10 miles into sky.
Clear, blue sky.
Central and eastern Washington in darkness. Ash blanket, like snow. Car in ash. Cars moving with lights on. Eerie scene. Crops covered with ash. Ashfall is crippling.
Voice of Dave Crockett trapped in destruction. Picture of helicopter which rescued him.
Mammoth mud flow, logs in river, destruction along river, trees felled.
River a torrent. Bridge out, boiling, muddy water.
Aerials of Toutle River. Building is carried downriver.
Debris moving rapidly downriver.
Remains of houses imbedded in mud. Silt in Columbia River.
Mt. St. Helens: face ugly and blackened. Aerials of forest destroyed. Logs as far as one can see. New barren landscape. Aerials of infinite destruction. Spirit Lake, mud and logs.
People in a town cleaning up ash with hoses.
President Carter in helicopter surveys destruction. He speaks -like a moonscape, etc.
Mrs. Gerry Whiting, Harry Truman's sister, throws wreath from helicopter on to mountain.
Wide shot of mountain before eruption.
Shot of mountain after eruption on clear, calm day. Animals, seedlings, mountain rebuilding.”

KATU (Television station : Portland, Or.)

Beached Whale - Blow-Up - Florence, Oregon

16mm camera reversal original shot by Doug Brazil on location in Florence, OR on the occasion of a sperm whale being blown up by dynamite. Paul Linnman reports.
Shot List:
0:00:00 - Aerial view of beach shot from helicopter, several people stand around dead sperm whale on beach.
0:00:22 - Wide shot of whale on beach, beachgrass in the foreground.
0:00:41 - Three men in hard hats stand around body of dead sperm whale pointing. One is George Thornton, Oregon State Highway Division engineer. Shot pans to driftwood further up the beach.
0:00:58 - Close up shot of two men in hard hats.
0:01:05 - Men in hard hats walk around the body of dead sperm whale on the beach.
0:01:17 - Close up shot of George Thornton, Oregon State Highway Division engineer.
0:01:23 - Body of dead sperm whale on the beach.
0:01:25 - Seagulls fly above ocean waves, Shot pans down to whale carcass.
0:01:34 - Whale carcass on beach. No audio.
0:01:40 - Whale carcass on beach, shot pans up and zooms in to seagulls flying overhead.
0:01:56 - A group of people stand in front of whale carcass.
0:01:59 - A woman sits on a driftwood log with a pair of binoculars, she has a camera and tripod.
0:02:02 - A person standing on the beach.
0:02:06 - Four men wearing hardhats walk in a line down the beach, one is holding a blasting machine.
0:02:13 - Several people congregate around the whale carcass, men on a bulldozer drive towards it.
0:02:15 - A group of men approach a bulldozer.
0:02:22 - Close up shot of cardboard boxes of dynamite being stacked.
0:02:28 - Shot of nose of dead sperm whale.
0:02:30 - A bulldozer digs sand around whale carcass, two men in hard hats look on.
0:02:39 - Bulldozer digging sand around whale carcass, shot pans to stacks of dynamite boxes.
0:02:51 - A man packs sticks of dynamite into a box.
0:02:55 - Two men walk with a spool of wire up the beach. As they reach the top of the dunes camera pans to follow the wire down to the whale carcass. Where people are digging.
0:03:27 - Bulldozer digging around whale carcass.
0:03:42 - Man sets charges on dynamite, then walks towards stack of dynamite boxes.
0:03:54 - Close up shot of hands tying wire around a stick of dynamite.
0:03:59 - Close up shot of a pile of explosives in the bucket of a bulldozer. A man is sitting on the pile of boxes.
0:04:13 - Police officer walks up beach towards two onlookers sitting in the grass.
0:04:24 - Two people watching the scene from the beachgrass. One is holding a camera.
0:04:28 - A man sitting on a driftwood log drinks from a mug.
0:04:32 - Shot of whale from behind two people seated watching from a driftwood log.
0:04:40 - Shot of people watching from the dunes.
0:04:47 - Bulldozer and men working around dead whale.
0:05:04 - People watch from the dunes.
0:05:33 - Shot of dead whale.
0:05:39 - Close up of whale tail. Child pokes it with his foot.
0:05:48 - Shot of George Thornton, Oregon State Highway Division engineer, facing away from the camera in front of whale.
0:05:52 - Shot of an oldsmobile convertible with a collapsed roof, people survey the damage.
0:06:03 - A Bulldozer pushes remaining carcass of exploded whale.
0:06:05 - Paul Linnman and Doug Brazil stand with George Thornton.
0:06:08 - Closer shot of Bulldozer pushing remaining carcass of exploded whale.
0:06:13 - Shot pans up from bulldozer tracks to people following bulldozer moving towards dead whale.
0:06:19 - Shot of dead whale on beach, pans up towards flying birds.
0:06:29 - Paul Linnman interviews George Thornton.
0:06:40 - Man in hardhat carries box of explosive to whale carcass.
0:06:49 - Two people watching the scene from the beachgrass. One is holding a camera. Police officer walks towards them.
0:07:01 - Shot of grassy dunes, pans across beach.
0:07:11 - Shot from dunes at smoke in the air above the beach. Audio reaction from onlookers of explosion.
0:07:22 - A man leans over dead whale carcass. A child walks behind him holding his nose.
0:07:31 - A small crowd on the beach.
0:07:34 - Dead whale carcass.
0:07:40 - Shot of Paul Linnman and George Thornton talking. Camera is behind them, whale in the background.
0:07:43 - Men with shovels.
0:08:01 - Boy stands holding his nose.
0:08:04 - Close up shot of boxes of explosives. Followed by shot of men walking with blasting machine.
0:08:14 - Paul Linnman interviews George Thornton. Followed by shot of sea birds flying over waves, camera pans to whale.
0:08:37 - Distant shot of whale carcass on beach. Whale explodes. Audio of crowd reactions while chunks of whale fall.
0:09:03 - Shot of vehicles, car with crushed roof covered in broken glass.
0:09:19 - Bulldozer pushes remains of whale.
0:09:35 - Report from Paul Linnman.
0:09:54 - Reaction interviews cut with scenes of whale explosion.

KATU (Television station : Portland, Or.)