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Station B, Oregon City Dam

Photograph showing groups of men working on a dam in Oregon. Two men are standing in the shallow water, while another two are in a rowboat to the right. Another four men stand on top of the wooden structure to the left next to a hoisting machine. In the background, multiple smokestacks can be seen coming from a large industrial building.

Timothy Lake, log bridge

Photograph showing Timothy Lake early in the water release process. A bridge of cut logs and wood planks extends to the far shore of the lake, with a rowboat moored to a section of the structure. Cut stumps on a hillside can be seen in the distance. Written on the negative is "56-251."

Timothy Lake, view across lake

Photograph looking northeast across Timothy Lake, showing the top of Mount Hood. A small boat with three individuals can be seen on the water, and loose dirt and stumps line the shore. In the distance are other low forested mountains. Written on the negative is 57-284.1."

Timothy Lake, people having a picnic

Photograph showing people having a picnic next to the shoreline of Timothy Lake. A car with an open trunk and doors is parked next to a picnic table, on which sits several containers. Three people face away from the camera at the table, while a small child can be seen standing on a stump and facing towards the water. A boat with four people is also visible. Mount Hood can be seen to the north. Written on the negative is 57-284.1."

Boat on river at Cove Palisades State Park

Photograph taken from a high angle and looking downward at a river (likely the Deschutes River or the Crooked River) at Cove Palisades State Park. A boat travels on the water, and unidentified wooden structures can be seen on the edge of the water. Towards the top of the frame, the switchbacks of a trail can be seen heading down a hill towards the water. (Image note: see related image PGE 59-240-36).

Two men on boat

Photograph of two unidentified men on a boat flying a pennant, probably a Portland Yacht Club pennant. The number “7 II G” is visible on the side of the boat. Image note: Negative damage at bottom of image.

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