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Production award pennants and U. S. flag flying at Albina Engine & Machine Works

Photograph showing a United States flag, a Navy “E” Award pennant (left), and an Army-Navy “E” Award pennant flying on a flagpole at the Albina Engine & Machine Works shipyard in Portland. The “E” awards were granted for outstanding wartime production efforts. The Navy “E” award was given until July 1942, and the combined Army-Navy “E” Award was given from July 1942 through August 1945. The Albina shipyard received the Army-Navy pennant with a star, shown in this photograph, in October 1942; a presentation ceremony was held on October 27, 1942. A star was given when award recipients maintained their performance record for six months after receiving the original award. Image note: The number 121 is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner. The text “Albina shipbuilding / 10/30/42” is written on the negative sleeve. The exact date is unconfirmed. Photograph shows spots of discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

T. E. Wallace’s first-prize Joseph Hill rose

Photograph of a rose in a vase, displayed on a tier with other roses. At the bottom of the vase is a label with the following text: “FIRST PRIZE / WON BY / Best bloom from Garden / Section A Class 1 / T E Wallace / 261 N. 26th St.” A tag lying in front of the vase is labeled “Joseph Hill,” the name of the rose species.

Unidentified girl posing with rhododendrons and Corbin Cup

Full-length portrait of an unidentified girl standing in front of a rhododendron bush and holding a large trophy, the Dr. William Corbin award. The Dr. Corbin Rhododendron Cup was awarded by the American Rhododendron Society at its annual Portland show beginning in 1948. See related image No. 372A1123. Image note: Photograph shows spots of discoloration due to negative damage.

Rabbit in front of award display, probably at Pacific International Livestock Exposition

Photograph showing a rabbit lying on a crate in front of a board decorated with prize ribbons. At the top of a board is a sign that reads: “These RIBBONS / Won by RABBITS belonging to … / La Velle CONNELL / VANCOUVER WASH. / Raised on TRIANGLE Feed.” The photograph was probably taken at the annual Pacific International Livestock Exposition in Portland.

Pilot Dorothy Hester wearing bracelet honoring her for stunt flying

Photograph of pilot Dorothy Hester wearing a silver bracelet she received in November 1930 for her accomplishments in stunt flying. A cropped version of this photograph was published on Page 3 of the motoring and aviation section of the Oregon Journal on Sunday, November 30, 1930. The photograph and a brief article were published under the headline “ ‘Worthy.’ “ The photograph had the following caption: “That was the term used in describing Miss Dorothy Hester as a pilot when Lady Drummond-Hay, president of the Women’s International Association of Aeronautics, sent her the bracelet which Dorothy is proudly displaying in the picture. She also was given a life membership in the organization.”

Pilot John H. Miller with trophy and airplane at Pearson Field

Photograph of pilot John H. Miller posing next to an airplane and holding a trophy that depicts a woman riding an eagle and holding a small plane in one upraised hand. The photograph was taken at Pearson Field in Vancouver, Washington, on Monday, September 26, 1927, after Miller arrived in an all-metal Hamilton monoplane, probably the plane in the photograph. A cropped version of this photograph was one of seven images published on Page 1 of the Oregon Journal on Tuesday, September 27, 1927. The photographs, published under the headline “To Cut Air Capers at Portland’s Big Show,” were part of coverage of an air show in Portland. This photograph had the following caption: “Miller is holding Detroit News Air Transport trophy won at Spokane meet.” According to an accompanying article, the trophy had been awarded to the Hamilton airplane “for efficiency in the weight to horsepower tests” at an air show in Spokane the previous week. See related image Nos. 371N0595, 371N5913, 371N6105, 371N6106, 371N6107, 371N6108, and 371N6126. Image note: The name “John H Miller” is written on the negative and is visible on the right side of the image.

Tex Rankin showing winnings from air race

Photograph showing pilot Tex Rankin holding up two checks, his winnings in an air race from New York to Los Angeles. Onlookers are visible in the background. The photograph was taken on September 22, 1928, after Rankin’s return to Portland. On September 23, 1928, the Oregon Journal published Page 3 story about Rankin’s return, headlined “Rankin and Jinx Cat Back Home; Everybody Glad.” In the story, the Journal reported that Rankin had placed fifth in the race. After arriving in Portland, the Journal reported, “he exhibited two checks--one for $500 as the fifth prize and the other for $25 as a prize given at the second control station of the flight.” See related image Nos. 371N5921, 371N5922, 371N5923, 371N6150, and 377N0032. Also see the following images related to Rankin's departure for the race: Nos. 371N2073, 371N5919, 371N5920, 371N6220, and 371N6222.

Portland Mayor Joseph K. Carson presenting plaque to Junior Chamber of Commerce representatives?

Photograph of Portland Joseph K. Carson (right) and two unidentified men in the mayor’s office at Portland City Hall. Carson is presenting a plaque to the man on the left as the man at center watches. At the top of the plaque are the words “An appreciation / Presented to the Portland Junior Chamber of Commerce.” The rest of the text on the plaque is blurred, but the fourth and fifth lines appear to refer to the chamber’s role in conducting “Pay Your Taxes Week.”

Mrs. Cyrus Dolph and unidentified man holding rose show trophy

Half-length portrait showing a man and woman facing each other and holding a large cup-shaped trophy. The woman is holding a certificate with a first-place ribbon from the National Rose Show attached to it. On the certificate is the following text: “CERTIFICATE OF AWARD / America’s First National Rose Show / CALIFORNIA - PACIFC INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION / SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, OCTOBER 12-13, 1935 / FIRST PRIZE / Awarded to Mrs. Cyrus Dolph / 25 blooms for the Nicholson Challenge Bowl.” The certificate bears signatures from people associated with the California-Pacific International Exposition Company and the San Diego Rose Society. Image note: The name “Dolph” is written on the negative and is visible in the lower right corner of the image.

Football trophy

Photograph of a football trophy. The trophy consists of a figure of a player mounted on a base; the figure is holding a football and holding one arm out in a block. The plaque on the front of the base is blank. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Dr. R. W. Cahill, holding golf trophy

Portrait of a man in suit and tie, seated on a bench and holding a trophy. The words “American Legion Golf Trophy,” and “Portland Post” are visible on the trophy. The name “Dr R. W. Cahill” is written on the negative and is visible at the top of the photograph. Image note: Photograph shows discoloration due to deterioration of the negative.

Unidentified man holding golf trophy?

Half-length portrait of an unidentified man looking down at a cup-shaped trophy he is holding. He is standing outside the Oregon Journal offices in Portland and is wearing glasses and a suit and tie. Inscribed on the trophy are words that may be “American Legion Golf Trophy.” See image No. 371N0397, in which the same trophy may be depicted. Image note: Light leak on negative.

1903 Dayton Medal

Photograph of a medal featuring a hunting dog and an image of a person aiming a gun. The medal is inscribed with the following text: “1903 Dayton Medal / Sportsmans Association of the Northwest / Donated by the Rod & Gun Club of Dayton, Washington.”

Photograph of Sam Jackson rodeo trophy

Photograph of a picture of a trophy. On the top of the trophy is a figure of a cowboy on a bucking horse. The cowboy’s rope trails down the front of the base, where it spells the words “Sam Jackson Trophy.” On the front of the base is an image of a mock Oregon Journal front page, with the text “WORLD’S CHAMPION COWBOY WINS BIG PENDLETON ROUND-UP TROPHY / WINNER RECEIVES HANDSOME AWARD FOR ARENA SKILL.” Charles Samuel (Sam) Jackson was the owner of the East Oregonian newspaper in Pendleton; he took over the Oregon Journal in 1902.

Six unidentified men posing with medals and trophies

Full-length portrait of six unidentified men posing in two rows. The two men in the front row are crouching, and on the ground in front of them is a row of five trophies. The four men in the back row are standing, and they are holding displays full of medals. Image note: Light leaks on negative. See related image No. 377N0604.

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