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Cadmus, Maribel, 1924-

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  • 1924-

Maribel Cadmus, nee Donnall, was born in Colorado in 1924. Her family moved to The Dalles, Oregon, in 1937. She attended Oregon State University but didn't graduate. Her husband, George Cadmus, studied animal husbandry at Oregon State University. After he graduated, they opened a feed store and ran a farm in Turner, Oregon, where they raised a family. In the early 1950s, they sold the farm and moved to Salem, Oregon, where George was recruited to work at First National Bank. Maribel then began working at the Oregon Legislature as a way to supplement their income. She began as secretary to the chief clerk of the Senate in 1955, and served as Oregon Senate secretary from 1957-1987.

Hallock, Ted

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Joseph Theodore "Ted" Hallock was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1921. His family came to Portland, Oregon, in 1927. He began working in broadcasting while still in high school when his cousin, Homer Welch, got him a job in sound effects at KGW radio. He studied law at the University of Oregon, but joined the Air Force shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He and Muriel Myers married before his deployment. They divorced soon after he returned from the war in 1945. Shortly thereafter, he met Phyllis Natwick at a fundraiser, and they married in 1946. He gave up his plans to study law and went into journalism instead. He won several awards for his broadcasting work, including a Peabody. His work in journalism took him to England and Russia during the 1950s. In 1959, he founded an advertising agency, the Hallock Agency. He represented Multnomah County in the Oregon State Senate as a Democrat from 1963 to 1982. In 1968, he divorced again; he and Jackie Hull were married soon after. From 1988 to 1994, he was a member of the Northwest Power Planning Council. Hallock died in 2006.

Thorpe, Rochella, 1962-

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  • 1962-

Roey Thorpe (b. 1962) received a music degree at Bowling Green State University (OH) and a masters degree in history from SUNY Binghamton. In 1993 she was the first openly gay person to be elected to the common council of Ithaca, NY; during two years of her four-year council term she was also the acting mayor of Ithaca. In 1998, Thorpe was asked to join Empire State Pride Agenda, an LGBT organization; subsequently she was hired as the Director of Basic Rights Oregon in 2001.

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