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Weller, Jerry

  • Person
  • 1948-

Jerry Weller (b. 1948) is a gay and civil right’s political activist. Over the past several decades Jerry has been fundamental in initiating several organizations and has served on numerous boards and committees on both the local and national level.

Lockert, Laurie

  • Person

Lockert, a Portland area native, studied psychology at Portland State University and has worked in the field of health services.

Cohn, Sally H.

  • Person
  • 1934-

Sally Cohn was born in Portland, Oregon, Sept. 26, 1934, and grew up in Heppner, in eastern Oregon. She attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland as a history major.


  • Corporate body

Retzlaff, Herbert

  • Person
  • 1903-1999

Inflation in post-war Germany drove Herbert Retzlaff (1903-1999) to seek employment abroad, ultimately landing him in Portland, Oregon in 1924. During the Depression he worked towards a CPA, and began his career as an accountant, and later right-hand man, for Fred Meyer in 1939.

Calkins, Windsor, 1910-1989

  • Person
  • 1910-1989

Windsor Calkins was born in Eugene, Oregon, in 1910. He met Doris Helen Patterson while in junior high school and they married in 1932. That same year, he graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law. He practiced law in Eugene for 12 years, from 1932 to 1944. He was president of the Lane County Bar Association in 1940, as well as a member of the Eugene City Health Board from 1943 to 1944. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1944 and served in the Mediterranean until the end of the European conflict in World War II, then the Philippines until the end of the war. He was a part of the occupying force in Japan until his discharge in 1946. Upon his return to Oregon, he served as counsel for the Eugene Water and Electric Board. He was appointed to the senior advisory board for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in 1985. He died in 1989.

Neale, Emery W. (Emery William), 1921-1994

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Emery William Neale was born in Walla Walla, Washington, in 1921. His family relocated to Portland, Oregon, in 1928. He attended Grant High School, and won the Oregon State High School singles championship all four years he attended. He was known as "Mr. Oregon Tennis." He won the Oregon State singles four times, and a total of 16 national tennis titles, including the National Senior Hardcourt Singles three times. He also served on the Irvington Tennis Club Board of Directors in the 1950s and 1960s. After graduating from Stanford University, he worked as a teacher. After World War II, he briefly attended Reed College. In 1958, he and Mary Alice Neale were married; they later had two children. In 1984, he was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame. He died in 1994.

Buren, Wolcott E. (Wolcott Emmett), 1899-1985

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Wolcott Emmett Buren was born in Salem, Oregon, in 1899. In 1926, he and Luella Henriette Hausler were married; they later had two children. He died in 1985.

Hayward, Charles L. (Charles Lewis), 1895-1998

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Charles L. Hayward was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, in 1895. He studied chemical engineering at Columbia University, but changed his major to electrical engineering. His studies were interrupted by World War I, during which he served in the U.S. Army 13th Balloon Corps in France. After his discharge, he completed his degree at Columbia. He worked for many years as a manufacturer of time switches and later of self-starting motors for clocks, known as Telechron motors. He also served as chair for Minnesota congressman Walter Judd's campaign committee, and as chair of the Republican Party in Minnesota's fifth ward. In 1923, he and Grace Parsons were married; they soon divorced, but Hayward maintained a lifelong relationship with her son. At the age of 80, he and Ruth Bailey were married. Hayward settled in Portland, Oregon, late in his life. He died in 1998.

Temple, Flavel W. (Flavel Wells), 1902-2001

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Flavel Wells Temple was born in Enterprise, Oregon, in 1902. In 1906, his family moved to Pendleton, where his father practiced medicine and operated the Temple Hotel. Temple attended Behnke-Walker Business School in Portland. In the late 1920s, he and Judith Evangeline Hoffman were married; they later had one child and divorced five years after marriage. In 1929, the couple returned to Pendleton, where Temple briefly worked at the Temple Hotel. In 1932, they relocated to Portland due to the Depression, and Temple shortly took over the management of the Washington Hotel. A few years later, he also took over the Congress Hotel. He was active in the Democratic Party of Oregon beginning in 1936. In 1939, he was elected vice president of the Oregon State Hotel Association and became its president in 1940. He was also active in several other hotel-related associations. In 1940, he and Hazel McBride were married; they later had one child. In the 1940s, he was active with the Al Kader Temple of the Shriners. In 1955, he added the Timber Topper Restaurant to the Washington Hotel. In 1958, Hazel Temple was killed in a car collision. During Flavel Temple's recovery from that accident, he organized the Oregon Restaurant Association, and served as its president. He also served as president of the Oregon Apartment Association and the U.S. Army Association. In 1963, he and Rachel E. Boyce were married. He sold the Washington Hotel and others in 1972. He died in 2001.

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