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Portland General Electric Company

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  • 1888-

Portland General Electric Company was founded as Willamette Electric Company in 1888 by Edward L. Eastham and Parker F. Morey. Beginning with a hydro-electric generating plant on Willamette Falls, Station A, the company grew quickly. It acquired many of the other electrical interests in the Oregon City area and in 1892 it was reorganized as Portland General Electric. Between 1892 and 1906, PGE acquired many other small electrical utilities and electric railroads, growing its holdings rapidly.

In 1906, the company once again reorganized itself as Portland Railway Light & Power Company. It operated several electric streetcar lines, including an extensive system in the city of Portland. Ridership fell in the late 1920s and the company again reorganized itself into Portland Electric Power Company (PEPCO), with two subsidiaries: Portland General Electric as the electric utility and Portland Traction Company as the railroad. PEPCO went into bankruptcy in 1939, ultimately selling all of its railroad holdings to the Portland Transit Company in 1946 and reorganizing one final time into Portland General Electric (PGE) in 1948. It was bought by Enron in 1997 but as of 2006 PGE is independent.

PGE built many power generating plants in both Oregon and Washington. These plants were primarily hydro-electric, but they also built several steam plants, a gas plants, a coal-fired plant and a nuclear power plant

Brodie, Donald W.

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Donald W. Brodie is a professor of law at University of Oregon.

Ross, Marion Dean

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  • 1913-1991

Marion Dean Ross (1913-1991) was born in Pennsylvania. He got a Masters in Architecture from Harvard Universtiy and was a professor of architecture at University of Oregon. He served as the Dean of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at UO until his retirement in 1978.

Rice, Clyde, 1903-

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  • 1903-1997

Clyde Harvey Rice (1903-1997) was an author from Portland, Oregon. He published his first book, A Heaven in the Eye, when he was 81 years old.

Granberg-Michaelson, Wesley

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  • 1945-

Reverend Wesley Granberg-Michaelson (1945- ) was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was general secretary for the Reformed Church in America. He was on the foreign policy staff of Senator Mark Hatfield. He was also managing editor of the social justice magazine Sojourners, 1976-1980.

Hobson, Howard, 1903-

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  • 1903-1991

Howard Andrew "Hobby" Hobson (1903-1991) was born in Portland, Oregon. He was a basketball player and a coach of football, basketball and baseball. He was head basketball coach at Southern Oregon University (1932-35), University of Oregon (1935-47) and at Yale University (1947-56). He was also head football coach at Southern Oregon University (1932-34) and head baseball coach at University of Oregon (1936-47).

Rees, Helen Guyton, 1910-

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  • 1910-

Helen Rees was born in Kent, Oregon. She grew up on the family farm in Sherman County, Oregon. Most of her education took place in Wilcox. She attended Behnke-Walker Business College, graduating in 1928. She worked from August to December 1928 at Kerr Gifford Co. in Portland as a secretary. On January 4, 1929 she was married to William Adelbert Rees in Kent Oregon. She worked as a postal clerk but is now retired. Her husband died in 1991. They had four children who live throughout Oregon.

Holt, Bertha

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  • 1904-2000

Holt was born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1904. She founded the adoption organization Holt International Children's Services with her husband, Harry.

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