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Granberg-Michaelson, Wesley

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  • Person
  • 1945-

Reverend Wesley Granberg-Michaelson (1945- ) was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was general secretary for the Reformed Church in America. He was on the foreign policy staff of Senator Mark Hatfield. He was also managing editor of the social justice magazine Sojourners, 1976-1980.

Hobson, Howard, 1903-

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  • 1903-1991

Howard Andrew "Hobby" Hobson (1903-1991) was born in Portland, Oregon. He was a basketball player and a coach of football, basketball and baseball. He was head basketball coach at Southern Oregon University (1932-35), University of Oregon (1935-47) and at Yale University (1947-56). He was also head football coach at Southern Oregon University (1932-34) and head baseball coach at University of Oregon (1936-47).

Rees, Helen Guyton, 1910-

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  • 1910-

Helen Rees was born in Kent, Oregon. She grew up on the family farm in Sherman County, Oregon. Most of her education took place in Wilcox. She attended Behnke-Walker Business College, graduating in 1928. She worked from August to December 1928 at Kerr Gifford Co. in Portland as a secretary. On January 4, 1929 she was married to William Adelbert Rees in Kent Oregon. She worked as a postal clerk but is now retired. Her husband died in 1991. They had four children who live throughout Oregon.

Holt, Bertha

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  • 1904-2000

Holt was born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1904. She founded the adoption organization Holt International Children's Services with her husband, Harry.

Palmer, Joel, 1810-1881

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  • 1810-1881

Joel Palmer, pioneer leader and author, was born October 4, 1810 in Ontario, Canada. The son of Quaker parents who moved to New York at the start of the War of 1812, Palmer moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania at the age of sixteen. In 1830 he married Catherine Coffee and following her death married again to Sarah Ann Derbyshire (1836). Shortly after marrying Sarah, he moved to Indiana and worked on the canals. In 1843 and 1845, he served as a representative in the Indiana legislature.

During the spring of 1845, Palmer started overland to Oregon. During his journey he kept a diary of his experiences, which was published in 1847 as Journal of Travels over the Rocky Mountains.This publication served as a guidebook to immigrants for information on equipment and route details. The next year he returned to Indiana and made a second trip back to Oregon.

Palmer served as commissary-general of volunteer forces in the Cayuse War, and as peace emissary to persuade neigboring tribes not to join the Cayuse Indians. After the war, Palmer left for California and upon his return laid out the town of Dayton, Oregon, in Yamhill County, where he filed his donation land claim and built a sawmill. In 1853, he became superintendent of Indian affairs for the Oregon Territory. Serving with distinction, Palmer had the difficult task of securing Oregon lands from warring Indian tribes while preventing the outbreak of hostilities. During his tenure, he negotiated 9 treaties of cessation. He was removed as superintendent in 1857 for pursuing too lenient an Indian policy.

Palmer served as speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives in 1862 and state senator, 1864-1868. In 1870 he was defeated as the Republican candidate for governor. He died June 9, 1881 in Dayton, Oregon.

Padrow, Ben, 1927-

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  • 1927-1986

Ben Padrow (1927-1986) was a longtime political scientist and Portland State University speech instructor.

Kennedy, J. Keith

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  • 1948-

J. Keith Kennedy (1948- ) was born in North Carolina. He was staff director of the Senate Appropriations Committee, 1981-2006.

Abell, Ron, 1932-

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  • 1932-2012

Ron Abell (1932-2012) was born in Los Angeles, California. He was a journalist, author, teacher and activist.

Dorn, Jennifer Lynn, 1950-

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  • 1950-

Jennifer "Jenna" Dorn (1950- ) was born in Nebraska. She was an aide to Senator Mark Hatfield, 1977-1981. She went on to hold several positions in the United States Senate, including associate deputy secretary for the Department of Transportation in 1985-1987 and then assistant secretary for policy United States Department Labor, 1989-1991.

Long, R. A. (Reub A.)

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  • 1898-1974

Reuban "Reub" Aaron Long (1898-1974) was an author, rancher and longtime eastern Oregon resident.

Baskas, Harriet

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  • 1956-

Harriet Baskas is a writer and an award-winning radio producer based in Seattle, Washington.

Green, Edith, 1910-1987

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  • 1910-1987

Edith Louise Starett Green (1910-1987) was born in South Dakota. She was the second woman from Oregon to be elected to the US House of Representatives, 1955-1974.

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